Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day two

Today is the second day of Misa de Gallo, this time we go to a new venue which is the St. John the baptist church in San Juan City. This was my first time to enter the church despite I have passed by it a thousand times when I was working in ortigas. So I consider it a blessing. At first I thought I was late but the actual start of the mass is 9:30 pm. And there was also some practice made my the sacristans. I have to say that even the church is vintage it has the modern touch. But of course I am not there to critic the architecture or thier practice stands. But for the message.

According to the readings, it shows the geneology of Jesus from Abraham to David up to Joseph his foster father. For me that part of the gospel is the longest verse in the book since it would tell the lineage of Jesus from the time of Abraham. The Priest in his homily asked volunteers to do thier happiest and loudsest laugh and all of them got a gift for being volunteers. After that he said that the essence of Christmas is to feel hope and reoice in it amidst the problems that happened this year.
Personally, It was also a test of patience of waiting for one and a half hour before the mass proper because I arrived 8:15 but the mass was set at 9:30. I really cannot stand waiting, yet I find me self to find solace in waiting. Knowing that it was also this trait that led me into his blessings and grace. For now, I would like to apologize of being too technical about some observations but since its my first time in the church I tend to oberve a lot. But above all it ends well as I aknowledge my shortcomings and will try to change them. Thus, another sign of providence from the man above.

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