füdfÿt: WHY NOT? CHOC NUT Graham cake!

Its Christmas time and what we love to do on this celebration is... EAT. Its already a given and the challenge to food lovers is to enjoy the art of eating by devising new flavors but of the same Christmas spirit. And what I always want to "cook" are Graham cakes because (1) they are easy to preapre and (2) you dont need a oven (but you need a refrigerator). And like what I said there should be twist for this year, and I made my own recepie which I called.... WHY NOT? CHOC NUT!Now the ingredients:
1. 1 pack Graham Crackers
2. 2. packs 250ml All purpose cream
3. 1 can condensed milk
4. Powdered chocolate
5. Sugar
6. Marshmallows (the little cute sized ones were out of stock so I used the ones that look like frech fries)
7. 1 pack (of the legendary) CHOC NUT!

Now for the steps:
1. place first layer with Graham Crackers on a pan. Then sprinkle some chocolate powder above it and also the gaps that were uncovered by the crackers.

2. With the Choc nut, crush them using you hand and sprinkle them above the layer. Also its OK for you to leave some chunks to emphasize the flavor of the Choc nut in the dish. While doing this you can now place the creams into another pan and mix it with some condensed milk and sugar. Mix well and make sure no lumps or bubbles are formed.
3. You can now place some marshmallows above them. For the french fries style of mallows, you can pull them apart to make them shorter. Then after you can now pour the cream mixture.
4. Do the same layer procedure which may go up to 2-4 layers depending on the size of the pan. At the top, which should be the cream, we will now create the top layer. The top layer will be formed by the sprinkling the rest of the crushed choc nut covering the top layer.
5. If you still have marshmallows left you can decorate the top with anything that you want. For us, since its Christmas, we place there Happy b-day Jesus! (we have to make sure that mallows are enough to spell the out). Then with the powdered chocolate and condensed milk, mix them to make a syrup that you can design the top layer of the cake.
6. You can now place pan inside the refrigerator for about an hour as the cream freezes and its done!
An there you have it! WHY NOT? CHOC NUT Graham cake, made with very practical ingredients with a twist of a favorite Filipino confectionery.

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