Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Eight: Emmanuel


Day 8: Emmanuel
This is the second time I almost missed the simbang gabi due to oversleeping. It is because I am still quite sick with sore throat. But I can still manage to sing and even speak but there would still be a stinging feeling every time. Luckily I realized that another perfect venue to attend the mass would be at the Archbishops' Residence in Villa San Miguel which is near shaw boulevard and Nueve de Febrero.  

The last time I have been to this place again was the 75th birthday of beloved Jaime Cardinal Sin. I just knew that they also have Misa de Gallo when I encountered a lot of people coming from the street where the compound is located and knew that there was a simbang gabi mass held there. Again since this is just near the office I took the chance to attending mass.
At first, I don't know how will they pull off a mass when the population of the people in that area could actually fill the whole compound and the chapel can accommodate up to 50 persons only. Fortunately there is also a covered court that can be used as the mass area. Also the rest of the compound since there is a lot of grass space this provided. 

For the gospel for today, it focuses on the coming of EMMANUEL or the lord is with us.  The way has been prepared by John the Baptist, Mary conceived Jesus through the holy spirit and God intervened to convince Joseph to take care of Mary and bring him into Bethlehem (the city of David). Everything is now at place, the only thing we await is the King who made himself flesh.  and free from  us from sin and hate.  

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