Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Five: Mutual Love


Day 5: Mutual Love 

This time, I was able to visit the Archdiocesan Shrine of the Divine Mercy in Mandaluyong. The shrine is known to also have the relic of Sister Faustina, in which Jesus revealed himself to her and journal every encounter in her diary. For the second time, I almost woke up late but I was thinking of going to another church to see what experience and message will he give to me during the dawn masses.

Now that I am on my fifth day and the days goes by so fast, I decided to complete the simbang gabi with different churches. Its really hard especially with limited time and also searching churches and the schedules which varies and could cause me to be late or else.

Still tired and quite sleepy with the number of schedules of work and other things throughout the day. And even with these conditions, I still feel that the church is good refuge place to be with good and also seek peace from within and also resting place. With a lot of worries that I have felt and feeling inside. I wanted to have to be given a sign or an opportunity with God's grace on how will I face these challenges.  

Unlike the disturbed moment yesterday, the fifth night is fairly silent. The Gospel talks about the reason why Jesus came to the world. It is LOVE. For love we were given the messiah amidst the sin and chaos that is happening on that period. He calls for us to love also, if not him, be it be done with the least of the people for it would also be the same in praising God for acts of kindness. The network of love is the most powerful yet the most fragile value that should be kept and enriched. Just like the church, because of his everlasting love he appeared and shared the message of salvation through his divine mercy. 

Now it will be a few more days but I also felt that time flies so fast. 
Yet with LOVE, its seems so endless yet it slows down or freezes time to make each moment memorable. 

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