Blah Blah Blogs: The Cure for AIDS is...


Another year passed
another number of people infected
another number of infected people suffering
another number of suffering people perished
when will this end?
how did it started?
why do we need to care?
how will we start?
will there be a cure?
but it will take time
it will take a lot of  our resources
it will take innovations from minds
it will take the cooperation of the people
to educate, prevent and take care of victims
to ensure that there will no more victims
and to make sure that it will never spread
and that person I am referring to, to be 
that advocate and also that 
to share this knowledge to many
so that many would know the real story and 
not rely on myths and gossip, and that person worthy of it

is you.

Do your part
spread the info
not the virus

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  1. Супер, Браво, мне кажется это блестящая мысль