Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day One: Simple Start

Day One: Simple Start

Another year has passed and this time I go on another adventure again to complete a tradition that most Pinoys also follow. The Simbang Gabi or Misa de Gallo is also my way of professing my faith and also finds it very fulfilling to complete the 9 days. The first year of Misa De Gallo diaries were really tough yet was also happy experience. On its second year, I hope that this also give another unforgettable experience. I look forward  to know more about traditions, friendships and also history since most of my trips are not bounded with only one church. Also this will be different as I also have a lot of schedules and work to attend to, unlike last year. Generally, this is still something new, this is also something that comes once a year. So better make the most out of it. And I'm very happy to share to you the first day! Now with perseverance and enough sleep I know I can get through this and also learn a lot of things from people and also the encounter at the house of God. Join me!
For the first day, I planned to have it with EDSA shrine or Manila Cathedral but due to distance and schedule, I went ahead to the office and decided to go to the nearest church which is Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Addition Hills. I have passed so many times but never got the chance to celebrate mass there.The church looks really small due to its location but it houses a lot of parishoners that even spills out into the streets. And since its also my first Misa De Gallo, so this makes this day special as it also kick off the start of the adventure. Though had only a few hours of sleep I was able to stay awake throughout the mass. The first gospel was about John the Baptist as the herald of the Lord until his arrival. And also of the fact that people would be excited at first but would turn cold after he left. This is true for us Christians as we also be excited at first but would lose enthusiasm after some time. That is why the challenge of the gospel is to always keep our hearts aflame and vigilant as the hour of the savior is fast approaching and what we will be doing on that hour.

After the mass, the Mgsr asked the community to join in in a small feast of kakanin and coffee provided by the barangay and some sponsors. Of course, the Bibingka and Puto-bungbomg would never be left out as people also lined in stands for the Christmas delicacy. I decided to go back to the office since its almost my shift and I still have to work. SO far I could rate my first day as a major major success with the inspiration and motivation that I have discovered on the first day of the Misa de Gallo. One down, 8 days to go!

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