Pacquiao and Hardworking Pinoys Trubute Art at the Mall of Asia Seaside

There is truth in the saying “no pain, no gain,” and Filipinos, more than anyone else in the world, best exemplify that pain is a symbol of perseverance, strength and courage. We are, after all, known globally as hard-working people who strive for excellence in whatever we do. 

Time and again, we’ve witnessed how Filipinos wear their pain with pride and honor, as badges of jobs well done. Often, simple workers—such as those who toil under the sun, teach children in rundown classrooms, sew hundreds of garments a day, and go through much pain and sacrifice—steer the country towards the future. They are the true heroes of the country. It is these amazing, hardworking Filipinos, who accomplish even the most ordinary tasks with extraordinary dedication, that Alaxan FR lauds and salutes with the “Aray Ko Galing Ko” campaign.

A tribute to pain and pride

Now, the pride, pain, and hard work of the Filipino worker is literally set in stone with an exquisite art installation created by talented, award-winning Filipino artist Fred Baldemor, who himself went through his own “Aray Ko, Galing Ko” moments when creating the special installation which took months to finish.

The huge installation portrays the Philippines’ pride, simple workers who toil to provide for their families and who, without knowing it, help in the country’s development in their own way, as embodied in a nurse, a construction worker, a farmer, and a teacher. At the center is the man who sprang from their ranks to become an inspiration to all Filipinos, working his way through pain to become the world’s best pound-for-pound fighter: Manny Pacquiao. As the Global Filipino icon himself asserts: “Bawat aray ay patunay na buong galing ang aking ibinibigay. At hindi ako takot umaray, makamit lang ang paulit-ulit na tagumpay.”

With today’s unveiling of the Aray Ko, Galing Ko art installation at Seaside Blvd., Alaxan FR, in partnership with SM Mall of Asia, pay tribute to these Filipino workers, who embrace fatigue and body pain as solid proof of their commitment and passion, through various media, in a myriad of ways, and through different people, all of whom have achieved astounding successes through hard work, perseverance, and dedication.

The country’s top singers—including Bugoy Drilon (a former canteen janitor who sang his way into the hearts of Filipinos), Nyoy Volante, Jed Madela, and Cookie Chua—serenade guests with a tribute to Filipino nurses, farmers, teachers and construction workers, while special numbers by XB Gensan, and the PUP Maharlika Dance Troupe interpret the Aray Ko Galing Ko ideals onstage. Paeng Nepomuceno, himself a testament to Pinoy perseverance, will present a plaque of recognition to Reynaldo Lachica and will share his own “Aray Ko, Galing Ko” experiences. Ballet Philippines and rock band Pedicab will set the stage for a stirring tribute to the world’s greatest boxer, Manny Pacquiao and for the grand unveiling of the Aray Ko Galing Ko art installation. A grand fireworks display and a tribute concert from popular band Bamboo give a fitting ending to an exciting and monumental event.

Alaxan FR has always been the Filipino workingman’s champion, relieving them of body pain so they can continue to push their limits and accomplish even the hardest tasks. SM Mall of Asia also supports hardworking Pinoys all over the world and recognizes their accomplishments, especially through the SM Cares - SM Global Pinoy Program. Both Alaxan FR and SM give credit and gratitude to the working Filipino and their persistence, resolution and determination to set their sights on everlasting glory.

Hosted by Suzie Entrata, the unveiling of the Aray Ko Galing Ko art installation is the perfect conclusion to Alaxan FR’s innovative, year-long “Aray Ko, Galing Ko” campaign. One of the highlights of this campaign included the “Search for the Toughest Jobs, Philippines.” For three months, Alaxan FR, in cooperation with the Department of Labor and Employment, searched for Filipinos who were the hardest and strongest workers in the world. Ten Filipino men and women were chosen as finalists, but Reynaldo “Rey” Lachica, an environmental and product chemist for Centrica Energy/British Gas Brand, proved to be the toughest of the lot.

The Aray Ko, Galing Ko art installation is a celebration of the Filipino’s competitive spirit, unwavering passion, and determination in everything—from the little triumphs of everyday life to the pinnacle of excellence in world-class competitions. Filipinos are unafraid of body pain because they know that pain is part of an important journey towards greatness—a journey that all of us should be proud to take.

With the help of Alaxan FR, the SM Mall of Asia, SM Cares-Global Pinoy Program and prime examples like Manny Pacquiao, Rey Lachica, and Fred Baldemor, Pinoys know that we can embrace and ultimately transcend pain, and move closer to victory and our dreams. It’s about time that the rest of the Philippines shouts, “Aray Ko, Galing Ko!”

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