I remembered almost 10 years ago that my first mobile phone ever is a 5110 (with antenna) and always wondered what the future holds and what things that will be new with the future mobile phones. Though not really a text addict or a serial caller, I always find a mobile phone as a thing of many uses and features that gets better and better each year.  True enough, from the colored phone, to bluetooth, to camera and radio integration and now the age of the expanded mobile internet lifestyle wifi and applications, and there are thousands out there!

I am not a person who changes his phone whenever a new one comes up, to be practical and resourceful is the main reason why I have a mobile phone. However, I do value phones that came out recently for the additional features that will blow our minds away. It makes you wonder that things are really getting faster as time passes by. Also phones do also age so that is why of course that there will always be a need to upgrade to a better version. THIS IS ALWAYS MY CHRISTMAS WISH LIST!

I have tried some brands so far as the years pass by. Not always a Christmas gift every year, but if given the chance to buy or get one would be my option. And what I would always have on my list is Nokia. And what they have right now is the Nokia C7, definitely I say is a very sleek and savvy phone. Super LIKE! 

Aside from its looks it does a lot of cool things like checking your favorite social networking sites like facebook and twitter™. Also integrates the OVI that lets you enjoy mobile bliss with mail and many more. Then one of the juiciest part would be it has a high quality camera, and in HD! Then you can also stream video via web TV. Then aside from the FM function would be great sounds from its Nokia Mini speaker MD-9 so music will still be great music to the ears. Also as a trekker, getting lost is part of the adventure, but it would also come in handy to have a GPS navigator that would also be another and modern adventurer around the city. And it also works with my standard for a phone today, WIFI!

Though I cannot afford to have one right now, I do wish to have one. I think its calling me saying "take me, take me" and  as a tech geek myself. temptation is really a challenge. Well if you do have something similar to this phone, I hope that will be a Nokia and hoping for more that it will be a C7!

just like me, Nokia C7 is perfect reflection of myself and the 'lives' I have been living. 
Nokia C7

I'm waiting...

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