Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Six: Shared Time


Day 6: Shared Time

I have to admit that being too busy with a lot of this just stress me out and what I do need more right now is time. However I am still very thankful for the blessings that I have received within this year. Time indeed is a very important thing that we cannot never get back. So that has been by philosophy in life to live it to the fullest and enjoy its fruits without affecting anybody. Now I am at my sixth day of the Misa De Gallo and I just had my first part of my medicals on this day. I chose to spend the rest of the day off at the mall and do some wifi. I am also pressured with the fact that I need to finish music pieces for the stage play in January.  

So much things to do with so little time. This had me worried in the past as I got busy, the time for myself especially in prayer also declined. I am too worried that being to busy will would lead me to be ill. But I would also find myself in many situations that I encounter God in many ways and in places that I did not expect (though the mall chapel is something I already know). It will indeed touch your heart.

Last year this is where I ended the Misa De Gallo 2009. Aside from the ambiance and the wonderful reflections from the priest of this chapel, I dont know but I would find myself emotional inside the chapel even though I am a regular visitor. I'm glad to have my time to be in chapel for the simbang gabi series and with this shared time, I am thankful that I was able to encounter  a new learning and another nice reflection.

Three days more...

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