Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Seven: Magnificat


Day 7: Magnificat

One of my most favorite songs from the Bible is Mary's song of Magnificat. The song that praised and honor the glory of God as the savior and the light of the troubled world. The song was sung by mary as she conceived in her womb Jesus who is the  Messiah and brought the good news to the world. And on the seventh day of Misa de Gallo, I now found myself in a new church that I would only view from afar but unable to get inside and attend mass. This Parish was the San Roque Church located near Boni Avenue and also close to the office where I decided to go and check out this parish that I have passed many times but never go the chance to explore the church with a very high structure. 

Indeed the church was made to be high because of the limited space of the lot to fit it inside the community in that part of Mandaluyong. San Roque is a farmer and always depicted with a scar and dog. He was poor yet never let his faith down just like Mary that also sung a melody of praise that her heart had composed. The song of Magnificat is also one of my favorite praise song because of the simple yet strong words of faith and thanksgiving. 

This is how Jesus would make us when we welcome him into our hearts. Though born in a manger, has proven even before his arrival that he does bear good news. Erases all worries and fears and also makes you sing out for joy.

two more days
singing while waiting...

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