Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Four: Disturbed Silence

Day 4: Disturbed Silence

The fourth day of simbang gabi happened with the parish where I started last year's simbang gabi, The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Sta Mesa. Its actually one of the most accessible churches since its near my place. Although I am not a regular parishioner as I go to different churches for mass. But I do appreciate that this hundred year old parish has its share on my spiritual life.Day 4 was actually considered a regular Sunday mass according to father. And this was after I went to the company Christmas party in SMX and also another High School Friends' Party. Though never intoxicated but just stuffed with a lot of food and fun from the parties, I still reminded myself of my obligation to complete the simbang gabi. Because of the events, I never got the chance to sleep or even nap since I am running out of time and also options. But I did expect that I would visit the parish in this year's Misa de Gallo. 

Though it would be another day at mass was something I was not expecting to happen in the church. In the midst of the homily, a fight broke off within the premises of the Parish. The priest did notice the commotion and the mass was temporarily halted to notice the ruckus. The riot did not last long, since there were people and (police?) who responded to the situation. The reason of the fight is unknown to me, and I don't bother to know. I would just make matters worse. It would be ironic as the message of happiness would also mixed with acts of anger. In the end, I hope everything went well. 

I would look very disturbing but the good thing is that in the end there was no grave acts committed. Though most people would like to know what happened to that fight. To take my mind off of this, I decided to buy puto bungbong. to make me feel the simbang gabi spirit with this warm and sticky breakfast. This also reminded me of one thing that just like the journey to the nativity, it is not easy and peaceful, they have to go into uncomfortable things until Jesus was born and brought peace on that night. 

The empty crib awaits, waiting for the prince of peace...
day four done.

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