Misa De Gallo Diaries 2010 Day Two: Unexpected Serendipity.

Day Two: Unexpected Serendipity. 

I almost missed the second day of the Misa de Gallo when I woke up at exactly 4:10, ten minutes late for the 4pm mass at the nearby Our Lady of Fatima Parish, but I had sudden reflex that I can catch up on another church that I can go to. It was the EDSA shrine. since I know that they have the mass at 4:30 so I do have a few minutes to commute there. Though I have computed the time that it will be exact given I dont wait and there is less or no traffic since it so early in the morning. I took a jeep to EDSA and then a bus going to ortigas Robinsons. One surprise for me is to see one of friends Kuya Lei O Lap on the bus with his friend, I knew that they will also go to EDSA shrine since I also encountered him last year at the same place. Coincidently, it was funny though we never talked during the trip and also at mass, that I also find people who are also into the spirit of the simbang gabi

Though another dilemma that I have encountered is the time from the shrine going to work. Though is one bus ride away, I could actually be late since my shift starts at 6am. But thankfully, I was able to return to the office 10 minutes before 6am. I was racing numbers in my mind that made me worry too much about work. But I realized that it was also refreshing to know that I started the day with a prayerful journey. Indeed another adventure it was and it was unexpected serendipity.
The Gospel for today is the longest from I presume, sine it was the genealogy of Jesus from the first generation and other 14 generations spanning from Abraham to Joseph. Though it would be more of historical account, it has this essence that it was well planned. It was not an accident, it was not coincidence, it was beautifully planned, unexpected just like I had experienced during this day. Meeting an old friend and also manage to go to another church to hear mass. This made me inspired that I was allowed to have opportunities and these are given unexpectedly yet leaves a long lasting impression and this is why I am sharing my experience.


  1. ito lng yung araw na naka attend ako ng misa de gallo! ahaha

  2. ito lng yung araw na naka attend ako ng misa de gallo! ahaha

  3. masaya kung makumpleto mo yung 9 days di ba?


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