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You speak English? Sure you can, but can you speak less the accent that you are used to?Being accent free requires to have the right resources and the right people who are qualified and trained with a great command of the neutral English style. We know that Filipinos have a certain accent that makes our English distinguishable with the neutral accent. Same thing goes for Americans who have regional accents like in the Southern States and the semi-British accent of the North East coast.

MAROS TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICES OR MTACS is owned by partners Roxy Ortiz and Marinel Mejia who both are seasoned, skilled and highly qualified trainers. Their passion for teaching has been the force that inspired them to establish the company. MTACS was first known as Learn and Speak Better American English

MTACS will serve as a bridge that will enable an individual to expand his/her skills starting with Communication.Oral Communication is the key to career advancement and MTACS will be the best channel to enhance it. Their mission is to produce  highly qualified individuals who will be at par with any nationals for  positions/ jobs in the largest industry here and abroad and be the best channel to enhance Oral Communication.

MTACS Provides the option to learn privately or in small groups with colleagues
by one on one on line training, one on one  training or classroom based training.

Unlike others in the same field  of  expertise , MTACS can be  outsourced to conduct company classroom type trainings that  not only focuses on  Language  Enhancement  Courses , we offer other customized trainings or seminars that a company would need, such as soft skills, team building, sales, marketing and customer service.

MTACS also offers courses not only to Adults and young professionals but we also have courses that  enhances learning abilities of students.
MTACS Administrators design/customizes seminars, workshops and or training program that would suite the Client’s need and learning curve.

Roxy Ortiz (Maria Rosanna Brigida Idelberga L. Ortiz)
Proprietress / Director
  • A Public Administration Graduate of PLM
  • Earned her Bachelor's in 2004
  • IELTS Passer in 2007 Total Band Score of 7.5 (Speaking-highest band score)
  • International School of Manila student for 11 years ( kinder to grade 9 )
  • Took up Communication Arts at Maryknoll College
  • Taught Conversational English for 2 years at the American English School
  • Co- Facilitated Accent Reduction Training and Standard Conversational English from August 5- 27,2010 for ISIS UTILITY POOL of Accenture Delivery Service
Marinel Bernadette Mejia
Co- Owner/ Chief Executive Officer
  • Political Science Graduate of De La Salle University
  • Earned her Bachelor's in 1993
  • Took up Professional Education in Southville International School and Foreign Universities in 2005.
  • Facilitated/Conducted Accent Reduction, Standard Conversational English for ISIS POOL of Accenture August 2010
  • Communication Skills Trainer/Soft Skills Trainer for HRAD PRO 2008-2009
  • Handled Accent Reduction & American Accent Training for HRAD PRO from 2008-2009
  • Taught American Literature, World Literature, English for Juniors and Seniors High School Students in of Our Lady of Carmel in 2006
  • Handled one on one Academic Tutorials from 1989 till 2008
  • Call Center Agent from 2006-2008 ( People Support and e-Telecare Global Solutions)
Maros Training and Consultancy Services' Learn and Speak Better English Program for accent comprehension is designed to help individuals and business professionals acquire actionable tools for creating seamless and effective communication for a successful career.
Maros Training and Consultancy Services uses a comprehensive, interactive seminar or workshop which provides answers to the following questions:

MTACS Offers Customized English / Speech courses that:
  • Teaches the pronunciation techniques necessary to articulate all components of clear speech: vowels, consonants, and patterns of rhythm, stress, and intonation.
  • Utilizes MTACS proprietary learning materials for long term language acquisition
  • Customizes practice guides to reinforce the learning objectives.
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