Amazing Cooking Kids are Better Than Grown Ups in Cooking!

In the world of the culinary arts, where one would require the passion and the expertise to become a top chef and also please the discriminating taste buds of patrons, is not anymore exclusive to adults that have went to cooking schools and have undergone extensive training in perfecting this art. Now, kids are taking over the kitchen, not to play but to get serious and show that they can whip up something great or even better than grown ups do.

Started last April 16, these kids (ranging from 9 to 12 years old) proved that it is not just age, height or hand size can hinder cooking talent in GMA 7's, AMAZING COOKING KIDS hosted by Carmina Villaroel.

the ingredients
Though cooking plays a big part in the culture of Filipinos, it is rare to see kids working in the kitchen and preparing the appetizers and the main course. Also nobody is born with a silver spatula in their hand with a title written in their hand to be the best chef in the world. Knowing how to cook involves exposing oneself to how everything works. I grew up in a bakery until the age of 9, though I never prepared the dough as it involves muscles to mash them up, but I would help in opening the oven flames and cleaning the table. For the kids who are  part of AMAZING COOKING KIDS were exposed in this "art" with their family at an early age and already can cook complicated dishes which some I have not tried or failed to do. Now that is really amazing!

I am a fan of reality cooking shows like Top Chef from the United States and Iron Chef from Japan. These shows gave me more inspiration in learning the craft. I just don't like it when the drama goes to personal that the essence of great food is lost because of the fiasco. It is refreshing to see children of AMAZING COOKING KIDS who have less worries and drama than the older ones.  More time to appreciate their cooking skills, preparation and presentation.

Having a quick shot with some of the kids
It has been 2 months since the show aired and from the Amazing dozen coming from different parts of Luzon and NCR, there now just remains the Amazing 5 which consists of: Tasha Pulgado of Bulacan, Duday Reyes of Quezon City, Budik Villalobos of Cavite, Angela Clake of Quezon City and Ronin Leviste of Makati City. And there will be another elimination this coming Saturday.

We had the chance to meet the kids and also the judges, especially the host, Carmina Villaroel to talk about the show, the experience, the kids and their talent that impressed the nation. She said that she loved working with the kids as she herself is very surprized and inspired her to go with learning Culinary Arts.  Even at home you can also try their winning dishes with recipes posted on their website My personal favorites are Budik and Ronin, because they have great potential to infuse flavor into their dishes and how they made the presentation so good making me drool. 

The judges

Chef Rosebud Benitez (known for her 10-minute kitchen wonders in Quickfire), Chef  Jackie Ang-Po (owner of Fleur De Lys Patisserie and former host of True Confections and Delicioso), and Chef GB Barlao (Vice President of Magsaysay Center for Hospitality and Culinary Arts or MIHCA) serves as the Chef Judges for the competition. As parents, they find it really tough to judge the kids which they also see their children loving and felt really connected  to the show. They said it really broke their hearts when one is out of the competition as they also see a great future in the kitchen for the kids. However, they also provide special training from MIHCA and Fleur De Lys for each of the contestants to hone their skills more. Who knows, one of them would the country's top chef after a few years and would also bring pride to the Philippines like Chef Cristeta Comerford, known as the White House Excecutive Chef of President Bush and Obama.

Here is the Father's day episode of Amazing Cooking Kids, more videos can be found in their site.

Fresh ingredients by SM Hypermarket
The excitement is not getting hotter as it nears the end of the competition on July 16, where the ultimate Amazing Cooking Kid is determined. Cookware is provided by ELBA, and fresh ingredients by SM Hypermarket. Amazing Cooking Kids airs every Saturday before Eat Bulaga, at 11:15 AM on GMA 7.

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