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First of all...

As we celebrate the 113th year of our independence, it also marks a lot of firsts and rebirths. First, this is the first Independence day of PNoy but the holiday falls on a weekend that many wished it was the past administration. Second, this is also the first time I went to Pampanga to witness a clean up drive to promote a river cruise in the near future. Next, it is also Pentecost in the Catholic Church which marks the start of the mission of the apostles with gifts given by the Holy Spirit. Then it is also a rebirth of the Hiedelburg fountain in Rizal Park where the hero used to drink back in Germany. The week also starts the school year to other schools and also some colleges and universities. The country has gone through a lot and 113 years is no joke as it was also mixed with tears, sighs, blood and sweat of Filipinos who fought for this freedom. Lucky for us, we never got into Forced Labor, Spanish prosecution and Martial Law. But we also have our problem that we also need to face at these times. So independence will also depend on its people on how to keep it.

Freedom is what we celebrate today and its our duty to take care of it.

To protect it from people who exploit, use and abuse their powers to oppress this freedom. Yet freedom comes with this great responsibility to be the hope of our ancestors. If you don't care, then fine, better go back and be slaves and be the lesser species. But we need freedom, and for us grated by this privilege, one should always look back in the past to know thyself and also appreciate it. Then start to know the people around you if they too still have freedom. And if a fellow men is not, then find a way to help him to be free, not always in the literal way but know that there is also freedom from other things like drugs, abuse, and vices. As a writer, I am moved to speak my mind in words of this blog to help people know and share it. I may not know what your profession is, but please do your part in maintaining this freedom, even though it would be very simple or grand it all adds up to the best feeling that one can ever have, to be free.

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