MUSIC LYF: Queen and Bon Jovi Battle of Rock Icons GRAND FINALS

Legends of the Rock scene Queen and Bon Jovi lives on with Robinson's Battle of Rock Icons held in Robinson's malls. The contest is open to bands singing to the tune of Queen or Bon Jovi songs. As the bands performed and won in their respective Robonson's Branches, the final showdown will prove who will be the best among them.

There were seven bands in the competition namely, Tanikala (We Will Rock You, Queen), Salinlaji (I Wanna Break Free, Queen), The Crucified Dogs (Underpressure, Queen), Afterlife (Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen), The Flicks (Tenement Funster, Queen), Trinidad (Livin' On A Prayer, Queen) and Diwata (You Give Love a Bad Name, Queen). And the competition also get tougher as the bands also displayed their amazing prowess on the guitar and also made incredible exhibitions.
There was also an intermission made my rockstar Miguel Escueta as he is also one of the judges for the night. Eacg band also have their fans cheering for them when they performed which made the event more exciting. And yes, we do have our bets who would win and surprizingly, it came out the same for the grand winner. 

For the third place it was AFTERLIFE, in secind place is Salinlaji and the Battle of the Rock Icon grand winner is TRINIDAD. Truly a night of hard roickin' and heart stoppin' slashing and beating made my day after a stressful week. Special thanks to MCA music, Orange Magazine TV and Robinson's Metro East.

The Judges 

AFTERLIFE -3rd Place


TRINIDAD BAND -Grand Champion

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