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150 facts about Jose P. Rizal
(Part 1)

  1. Rizal means green fields thus the color green used in his markers and even his house in Calamba.
  2. Jose Rizal tomb marker was spelled R.P.J. by his sister to make sure his grave is kept secret to the Spaniards.
  3. The Hidelburg fountain, the fountain where Jose Rizal drank while in Germany writing the Noli me Tangere and El Filibutelero is now found in Luneta which is given as a gift by Germany. Revived by NPDC this year for his birth anniversary.
  4. Rizal built a relief map of Mindanao while on exile and still existent up to today and is now a park.
  5. The Mi Ultimo Adios, placed inside the lamp was only discovered by his relatives days after his execution although he mention that there is something inside.
  6. The old name of Pasay City is Rizal City.
  7. There is still a mystery if Josephine Braken was married to Rizal although he  was excommunicated by the church, there was a rumor that he was forgiven and was wed while in jail.
  8. Jose Rizal and Josephine Braken's only son Fransico died hours after being born. :-(
  9. The first monument/marker after Rizal's death is found in Camarines Norte built 2 years after his death, 1898.
  10. Brushed hair to the right means wisdom, which is Rizal's signature hairstyle.
  11. Though he seems all books, Rizal and the other Filipino heroes were caught in a picture drunk, but actually its just an art project for  Juan Luna using photographs. Looks realistic though.
  12. Rizal would spend time conversing and learning a new language while on a boat on his trips.
  13. Rizal was said to speak at the age of two.
  14. There was an incident that his teacher in Binan sent him back to Calamba because he already knows everything for his age and could not teach him anything more.
  15. Jose Rizals sculpture "Triumph of Sciece Over Death " is featured as a monument at the University of the Philippines Manila College of Medicine.
  16. One of Rizal's biggest contribution to Dapitan is its waterway system.
  17. Rizal was named after his dicoveries, Draco rizaliApogania rizaliRhacophorus rizali, a frog, a beetle and a flying lizard.
  18. Rizal won the sweepstakes while in exile, he used the money to build more facilities and also did also spend for himself too.
  19. Mangoes are Rizal's favorite fruit, perfect combination: national hero and national fruit
  20. Two Rizal Universities (Rizal Technological University and Jose Rizal University), are located in Mandaluyong (San Felipe Neri, in the past) though Rizal never lived there.
More facts in the next post! stay tuned!

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