FASHIONISTA: Tomato’s Bags and Wallets, Trendy and Great Value With Attitude

BEING FASHION-SAVVY AT GREAT VALUE is what sets Tomato bags and wallets distinctly from others. These items, ranging from P250 to P650, are style upgrades that are durable, dependable and trendy.

“Bags and wallets are essential items. We simply can’t go anywhere without them. Bags are also accessories that complete our total look—and this is what Tomato bags are designed for. There’s a Tomato bag that fits every look and every occasion. Our wallets, on the other hand, are trendy as well as functional,” says Karen Espiritu, Tomato marketing manager.
Tomato managing director Lennie Dionisio also points out that the variety of styles available in their line of bags and wallets give consumers many options.

“We understand that women prefer to combine fashion and functionality. That’s why we have created stylish bags and wallets that match their lifestyle and activities. We have bags that they can be used for work or leisure, as well as pouches for their personal care products,” she says.

Tomato’s tulle bag, available in gold and orange, is adorned with a huge floral décor that gives a summery vibe. The medium-size shiny black bag with gold zippers can be used at work, while Tomato’s green fabric handbag with multiple compartments is ideal when running errands or having a quick trip to shops or supermarkets. Tomato also offers sporty bags and backpacks, which you can use when traveling or going to the gym, as well as purses for a flirty and sexy look.

“Bags and wallets are not just pieces of utility. They are also fashion staples and you can use them to express your individuality. With Tomato’s bags and wallets, you can definitely boost your style and show off your personality,” Lennie explains.

You can never go wrong with Tomato’s wallets and pouches. Tomato’s burnt orange leatherette wallet and checkbook-type wallets function not only as a clutch for your cash and other valuables—they are expressions of your moods and delicious persona. There are studded wallets to highlight your funky rock attitude. Tomato’s stylish and versatile pouches function as coin purse, kikay kit, or cell phone case. These tiny bags are available in mustard, orange and green colors.

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