Blah Blah Blog RAINY DAYS: I'm so Wet!

I'm so wet!

wet as humidity can be
from streets into creeks
from parks into seas
the sky has spoken
the floodgates are open
and here comes the time
the sun refuse to shine
we used to pray for colder days
now we rave the rain to go away
there came Egay
who went another way
then there was Falcon
who damage we still reckon
aside from the drip
a tornado made a whip
in a place called New Manila
gave the residents the Thrilla
we blame it on global warming
for the heat and ice caps melting
And prophecies of doom impending
All these in the internet spreading
down south in Mindanao
the river is overflowing now
a plant called water hyacinth
they never bother to deal with
Now PNoy is in hot water
with his ratings in falter
said the former president 
with a neck brace from an accident
now all have suffered 
from the ruins and all that were scattered
rainy days are here again, you bet!
Here me out because I'm so wet!

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