Be The First Karakoke World Championships Philippines Champion!

The Philippines has Charice, Billy Crawford and Arnold Pineda as world class Filipinos in the music industry today and recognized all over the world. Now its your chance to be one of them! Join the KWC Philippines which is happening from May 30 to July 23, 2011. The winner of the  National Finals will represent for the Philippines for first time since KWC started in 2003. The 2011 KWC world finals will be held from September 8-10 in Killarney, Ireland.

KWC stands for Karaoke World Championships. The sole aim of the KWC is to annually produce a male and female karaoke World Champion in a highly competitive but entertaining manner while respecting copyright laws and the rights of songwriters.

Started in 2003 by Oy KWC Organization, Ltd., Finland (the owner of the event license), KWC has been held annually ever since. It brings together singers from more than 30 countries, regardless of race, nation or religion. It provides amateur singers the opportunity to showcase their amazing talents to the world, at the same time fostering camaraderie and goodwill among participating countries.

Participants to the KWC must go through a national trials series within their own country. Country trials are strictly governed by event rules mandated by Oy KWC Organization, Ltd., Finland. Country champions are then flown to the KWC event host country to compete in the world finals. World event finalists are given the opportunity to perform in front of an international audience and judges.

Currently participated in by more than thirty (30) countries, KWC has become the world’s biggest and possibly the most respected karaoke event.

This year, 2011,it will be the first time for the Philippines to send its very own male and female karaoke country champions to this world event. KWC Philippines also hopes that we would have our representative each year and also obtain the championship in both male and female divisions and finally that the KWC world finals will also be held here in the country in the future. And I have no doubt and with full support to those who will be chosen to be the first KWC Philippines Champion because we are a nation of singers and talented artists. So, if you are the one, go and audition now!

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