Five Things That You Are Missing Out On Must Date The Playboy If You Haven't Seen It Yet

With three episodes of Must Date The Playboy now up on iWant TV through ABS-CBNmobile, viewers of this first movie series on mobile are seeing how this love story is unfolding in unexpected ways.

Here are five thoughts you are missing out on if you haven’t seen this pioneering movie on mobile:

1.   Can a girl’s biggest nightmare turn out to be the man of her dreams? Sometimes we find things and people when we’re not looking for them. After years of looking and hoping, that thing or person is still nowhere in sight. And suddenly it comes when you least expect it.

2.   Bonding moments usually take the form of things you enjoy doing. Sometimes, however, you bond with someone by doing things you’ve never dreamed of doing, things that you thought would never be fun at all.

3.   Meeting the relatives of your love interest can sometimes be awkward. You don’t know what to expect. Would they like you? Would they hate you? Would you learn something unpleasant? How should you behave?

4.   For a guy, pleasing the parents of the girl can be a tough job at times. You don’t know them from Adam. Usually you woo the parents at the same time you’re trying to win the heart of their daughter.

5.   When is the perfect time for a first kiss? Sometimes the kiss just happens. Other times, one party initiates the first move and the other party gives in, or makes an excuse. At any rate, it’s bound to happen when it’s meant to happen.

All these are things you learn about in Must Date The Playboy.

New episodes of Must Date The Playboy are uploaded every Monday on the iWant TV app of ABS-CBNmobile. Three episodes are now available for viewing.

For only P10, all ABS-CBNmobile prepaid subscribers and ABS-CBNmobile MHP subscribers can enjoy 1 day of unlimited access to iWant TV.

Just by texting “iWantv10” to 2135, they will be able watch the movie anywhere, anytime, and watch it again and again on 3G or WiFi. No need for additional internet load.

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