TCL Philippines Introduces New Line of Inverter Air Conditioners with Mosqui-Go Feature

This new series of TCL inverter air conditioner will surely leave you singing “bye-bye, bites!”

TCL, one of the leading TV manufacturers globally, has recently introduced another member of itsTitanGold air conditioner collection here in the Philippines—the KE Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner Series.

With the countless dengue cases and other numerousmosquito-borne diseases recorded in the country each year, TCL aims to offer alternative solutions to address these problems through continuous product development and innovation. Among its latest innovation is its new line of inverter air conditioners.

TCL’s KE Series comes with the Mosqui-Go feature, a mosquito repellent function on top of its standard inverter features. This revolutionary technology utilizes a built-in ultrasonic mosquito repelling device, proven to be effective in keeping mosquitoes away.Similar to its basic inverter line features, the KE Series boasts of high-quality Full 5D DC components that employ the use of magnetic force in varying the rotation speed of the compressor. This provides a precise method of maintaining the set temperature, which in turn, effectively reduces power consumption by up to 60–70% at an optimal temperature setting.

TCL KE Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner
(Available in 1.0HP, 1.5HP, 2.0HP, and 2.5HP)
Moreover, the KE Series uses R410a refrigerant—providing cooling comfort for every householdwithout compromising health and environmental safety. Unlike other refrigerants, R410a has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP), which means it poses no harm towards the Earth’s ozone layer. Equipped with gold-plated louver fins, the KE Series is designed to prevent and withstand extreme rust and corrosion; thus, assuring a longer product life. On top of that, this series is also packed with 5-in-1 health filters for safe and healthy breathable indoor air that truly cares for you, your family, and the environment. Through these astounding features, TCL aims to providenot just protection from diseases transmitted by mosquitoes, but value for its customers’ money above all.  

Bid goodbye to interrupted sleeps at night due to mosquito bites, and say hello to longer hours of air conditioner usage with TCL’s newest line of inverter air conditioners!

The KE Series is available in 1.0HP, 1.5HP, 2.0HP, and 2.5HP in TCL authorized appliance centers nationwide. Visit for more details on TCL Air Conditioners.

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