Beat the traffic with ANGKAS

Mobile Motorbike Hailing Platform provides access to fast, safe and affordable motorbike transportation

Picture this: you’re seated inside a cab, jeepney or bus – the clock is ticking and you’re going to be late for that office presentation, final exam, or anniversary date. Your heart is beating fast, your legs moving up and down, you’re shaking your head and clicking your tongue. You’re practically bartering with god to make the traffic move faster.

If you’ve ever commuted around Manila, you’ve definitely experienced this. You’ve prayed, cried, sworn and wished for a way to teleport across the city that, according to the 2015 global survey conducted by a popular travel app, has the worst traffic in the world.

Now, imagine breezing through that traffic congestion, finding alternative streets that no 4-wheeled vehicle could pass through, and arriving at your destination in a fraction of time. With Angkas, you don’t need to stop at imagining!

Available on both iOS and Android, Angkas is a mobile on-demand motorcycle hailing platform that connects riders to a rigorously-trained, professional motorcycle driver. Angkas provides convenient, safe, and affordable motorbike transportation that will get you to where you need to go faster!

Simply download the app, add your destination, and, with the tap of a button, your biker will arrive shortly to bring you where you need to go.

Safety is the top priority for Angkas: all bikers go through rigorous background checks, skills assessment, and safety training. Rides come with a quality helmet and personal accident insurance. Raincoats are provided to passengers in case of rain, and face masks and hair caps are issued for hygiene.

Starting June 19, new users can book their first ride for FREE (up to PHP 80) with the promo code ANGKAS to make travel around the metro more convenient than ever. Say goodbye to the trains’ long queues, the hours of sitting in traffic in a packed jeepney, and the steep fare of cabs. Take back all the time you lose from the traffic with a tap on your phone, and conveniently hitch a ride with Angkas.

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