NAIA and Newport City Gets Closer with Runway Manila!

The Golden Age of Infrastructure is now kicking off with a lot of transport and public works that will propel the nation into more progress. But of course it would take a lot of hard work and patience as building them would not be easy as it seems.

With the projects of the previous administration is worked on and completed, the challenge now is to make them work for the people. One of which is Runway Manila which a link bridge directly connecting NAIA Terminal 3 (T3) and Newport City. This shall be made accessible to the public, free of charge.

The project is part of Alliance Global Group, Inc.’s (AGI) commitment to work with the Philippine government in promoting Philippine tourism by providing tourists and visitors with a convenient and seamless travel experience in the country.

What are the features of Runway Manila?

Runway Manila is a 220-meter elevated bridge that stands 65 meters above Andrews Ave. 

It is a fully enclosed, air-conditioned bridge. Moving walkways and elevators are available for the public’s convenience 24/7—in consideration of the elderly and differently-abled. It can also accommodate up to 2,000 persons at any time.

Runway Manila has been open to the public since April 21, 2017. The total project cost of Runway Manila is PHP 1.5 billion, with the entire amount covered by AGI. As the project proponent, AGI will manage and maintain Runway Manila.

What are the benefits Runway Manila?

Runway Manila is for the benefit and free use of the public, particularly tourists, who may want safe and comfortable alternatives to vehicles to get to and from Terminal 3. 

Its completion is guaranteed to improve the arrival and departure experience of local and international tourists, which will contribute immensely in boosting the image of the Philippines as a progressive and preferable travel destination. 

 Once opened, the bridge will contribute to easing the traffic situation in the area. Instead of travel times that can reach over an hour just to exit the NAIA Terminal 3 area, the average person using Runway Manila can walk from Terminal 3 to Newport City in a few minutes.
Making such an alternative available and freely accessible to the public can lessen dependence on motor vehicles to travel the short distance between the two tourist hotspots.

Through Runway Manila, travelIers can use Newport City as a convenient jump-off point to reach other parts of the metropolis. Newport City is accessible to City Link buses and other forms of public transport.

This is just one of the many projects lined up for the next few years, many of the projects are still on their groundbreaking or planning stages so it would take some time for them to be fully constructed. Sec. Art Tugade asks the public to be very patient and support the project rather than always criticizing the departments as they are doing the best they can reduce construction time for the public the experience the fruits of their labor. 

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