MUSIC LYF: Sponge Cola headlines Maximum Capacity Concert

Diamond recording band Sponge Cola celebrates their 13-year-old in the local music industry with a major concert bille Maximum Capacity this July 19, 8pm, at the Music Museum.

Expect the biggest hits of Sponge Cola to be performed during the concert.

"Aside from being a celebration of our 13 years in the business, Maximum Capacity is also our way of giving thanks to everyone who have generously supported us through the years through our music," says frontman Yael Yuzon. "It will be one  fun night of Sponge Cola music."

To make Maximum Capacity even more exciting, OPM's sweetheart Zia Quizon and Mr. Pure Energy Gary Valenciano has agreed to be part of the celebration.

Sponge Cola, composed of Yael on Vocals, Armo on lead guitar, Gosh on bass and Ted Mark on drums, proved that they are indeed one of the most revered bands of their generation with a diamond record award, multi-platinum albums, hit singles, sold-out concerts and shows, international exposures, plus multinational endorsements.

For Maximum Capacity tickets, please call 721-0635 (Music Museum) or 891-9999 (Ticketworld).

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