Manila HipHop Festival Brings Rap Culture At Circuit Makati

It is undeniably a fact that we have now our own Hip Hop community and culture here in the Philippines, we used to just follow the influential American Hip Hop decades ago as we have loved their music. Now after so many years, we have now nurtured our own and even made our own hip hop and rap icons which are still popular today. In celebration for the music, the ApoDrop production brings the biggest names for a event that will bring music, fun, and culture together through the MNL Hip Hop Festival.

Happening at the Circuit Makati Concert Grounds, the concert will happen on November 30, 2018 from 2PM to 2AM. With 30 local Hip Hop artist on its roster, it is the biggest Hip Hop event in the country that will also deliver the message of Filipino culture  arts and environmentalism though lyrical poetry. There will also be 3 HipHop DJs  and 7 Side Activities that will happen in the event making sure that the fun never stops at the festival. 

The artists that will be performing at the event are:
  • Loonie
  • AL James
  • Ron Henley
  • Apeks
  • Mike Kosa
  • 727 Clique 
  • Bawal Clan
  • DJ Badboy Jeff
  • Turf Entertainment
  • Juan Thugs
  • Pricetag
  • Kris Delano
  • CLR
  • Because
  • Third Flo'
  • Tiny Montana
  • Abaddon
  • Negatibo
  • Gat Dang Crooks
  • Made In Manila
  • Kemistri
  • K-Leb
  • Lo Ki
  • Kent MNL
  • Zjay
  • Pikaso
  • Dash Calzado
  • Araw Araw Sunday Squad
  • Psychedelic Boys

With a media night held last October at City Park Hotel Manila, gave a sample of what can be expected on the day itself. And it was also the debut of the music video of Pisi by K-Leb featuring Loonie and produced by Ochomil. The song is about a relationship that used to be thriving and full of love until it wasn't anymore. The relationship is deteriorating and full of doubts and misunderstandings. The other one is getting tired from fighting and the other one is losing interest for the relationship to work out. There might be problems entangled in every relationship, but for sure, there will always be the one who wants to work things out and try to save whatever is left. This song is about someone who is on the brink og giving up or saving up. We all went through this - one sided relationships.

For tickets, you can get them via SM Tickets and for news and inquiries you can contact them via their Facebook page.

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