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When we talk about jobs, many are still having a hard time to present themselves and how to know what skills they need for the job they want. Even for seasoned employees, seeking help with others makes a difference in making it through rigorous tests and interviews. 

The people from the jobsite Workbank wants to help applicants by gearing them up with the skills and resume that will help them reach their dream  jobs. Workbank also partnered with design platform Canva for a series of free training and seminars.

"Unlike in the past, job seekers today don't have to go through the tedious manual searching on newspapers' classified ads and walking-in to offices to drop their CVs. With everything online these days, it's very easy to submit your resume. The real challenge is catching the eye of the recruiter," shares Reggie Fernandes, Country Head of Workbank.

"The fast-paced evolution of the ever-growing online job matching industry also means an increased number of competition. We are partnering with Canva Philippines to hold workshops for job seekers hoping to equip them in their job search. They will be learn how to design powerful resumes that will stand out from the pile. Filipino talents have so much potential andwe want to help them translate this into resumes that are worth a second look," Fernandes added.

Job seekers can access free and exclusive trainings with Canva after completing their profileon Workbank. Other trainings are also posted on Workbank's website, and all the applicant has to do is invest their time by registering and showing up.

"We believe in the Filipino talent. We want to provide them with resources that will help alleviatesome of the pressures and pains of job application. Filipino workers have the drive to succeed, and we would like to encourage them to take advantage of these training opportunities that can give them an edge among their peers," said Fernandes.

On one of seminars Workbank conducted at the Canva office, participants were able to know about design, the secret of getting hired, and how Canva and Workbank can help them in their pursuit for dream career. With diverse participants, it shows that they are open to people who are really eager to reach their goals. And with the additional skills that they have learned in the seminar, they have already gained a lot which can let them make the cut.

For more information, visit www.workbank.com

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