Puregold Introduces SALLY - Ready To Help You With Your Shopping

It's already 2020 and are we still shopping the same way which is now much more stressful than years before because of the traffic, the stress, and the time consumed going around crowded shopping centers?Puregold recognizes this dilemma of their customers and decided to step up their services beyond providing a shopping space and other services.

In recent days, advertisement of a certain SALLY emerged in many billboards in the metro. With no mention of any other details, but only statements of  "SALLY, where are you?", "I need you, SALLY.", "Wish you were here, SALLY.", "Has anyone seen SALLY?", and "Help me, SALLY."

Many would think SALLY is someone of great importance, probably a celebrity, or an emerging star wanting to be known. But SALLY was officially revealed to be from Puregold and they just revealed to us in a special launch event.

"SALLY" was revealed to be Shopping ALLY, a new way to shop that makes groceries much more easier by eliminating factors which made it so complicated. Also using technology to let you shop and pick up your groceries at a more convenient time and can also be on the way home.

Using the PUREGOLD MOBILE app, it has now a new feature that will revolutionize Filipinos shop. It is now optimized the growing love for online shopping with the experience of shopping at a virtual Puregold aisle and getting the things you need.

With the app you can now scan items through their barcode, put them in a cart and can be paid online, and to the picked up in the nearest Puregold stores. It's just simple as that. You can also get real-time responses about order status and other grocery-related inquiries through the ASK SALLY in-app chat.

But you do not need to be at the aisles to scan on the items, even at home you can scan the bar code of the existing item and it will automatically tell the price and add it to the cart. This is also good news for entrepreneurs who need to stock up on goods, they can go to order history and choose the items they previously ordered and continue to check-out and pick up.

The online payment options is also a huge help which makes sure there is no hassle of looking for bills and coins at the counter. They also accept GCash as one of the payment options which is now the biggest mobile wallet for many Filipinos.

Pick-Up may be the only options for now but they are looking at the other options such as locker rooms in certain areas to provide more convenience, the possibility of having it delivered is also considered though they would like to focus on how this system would work initially to the public.

The launch of SALLY in the Puregold App was also attended by Puregold Ambassador Luis Manzano who is very busy with his career and work that groceries is something that would not fit in his time. However with this convenient way, he can now scan and pay the items now and pick it up at the most convenient time.

PUREGOLD MOBILE is now available for download from Google Play, and the App Store.

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