So What Happens To ABS-CBN After March 2020?

People are really talking about what will happen to the TV network ABS-CBN after their broadcasting franchise will expire by the end of March 2020. As the biggest station in the country and also has branched out into different media entities, the thought of losing the network, all its shows, and all of its employees is a huge blow to broadcast media. Many of Filipinos grew up watching their shows and got to know their stars. 

And if you ask me, there are countless of memories from the people of ABS-CBN and their content, which new ones are still generated everyday for the entertainment and information of the public. Though let's look back on some of the shows and channels that the Kapamilya network has made an impact in my life.

Tabing Ilog
The teen oriented show was the key in launching the careers of many stars like John Lloyd Cruz, Kaye Abad, Baron Giesler, Desiree del Valle. It's song brings nostalgia and was perfect show to watch on weekends.

The local version of Sesame Street which made for the Filipino youth by incorporating songs and segments in Filipino together with its characters like Batibot. Kuya Bodjie, Pong Pagong, Madam Bola, and many more which also aired on the Kapamilya network from 1991-1994.

The magical anthology which featured countless of Kapamilya stars,has also witnessed the growth of many stars from childhood, teenage years, and even adulthood. It remains to be the show that one can also look forward in the weekend particularly Sundays.

Rated K
From being a afternoon show to its own special bloc on Sundays, Rated K continues to bring it lifestyle/magazine show featuring interesting stories of people, trends, and exclusive interviews which launched the magazine show rivalry with its competing network.

The number one music channel in the Philippines which still continues to air as its own channel as it grew to be the channel to watch for the latest music videos, nostalgic throwback songs, and live performances of many artists from different labels.

These are just some of the shows and channels that many people remember and some still watch because of ABS-CBN. Though the network is now in a lot of pressure due to politics and it is congress who would need to ratify the motion for its reweal. There has also a separate co-warranto appeal to the Supreme Court which wants to cease operation of the network which also included the digital broadcast of KBO (Kapamilya Box Office).

It's really sad that many would only see the political aspects of the situation as if it did not recognize how culturally important ABS-CBN to the Filipino people. The network is celebrating 65 years of television and has overcame shutdown during Martial Law days. There has also the emergence of fake news about the situation which preys on people who are not exposed to the procedures and truths regarding such issues. And to which the network already issued official statements which are also backed up by facts.

So what will happen to the network after March 2020? 

It will continue to broadcast as normal, but also having its hands full of combating fake information roaming around especially on social media. The motion for renewal is pending but is backed up with legislators, it will also face the legal accusations in the Supreme Court which they are confident to answer. Though it will be interesting how far they would go just to peddle their own propaganda.

Also supported by the press associations of the Philippines, even its rival networks, celebrities, and politicians, it seems to be an act of vendetta on the network due to past disagreements. If some cites biased news, they should file for libel, yet none did. It's not the perfect network but having it shut down on petty excuses is more reason to support the Kapamilya network, it's employees, and the millions of viewers it is built on.

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