HEALTHY LYF: What’s New with Watsons?

Wonderful things happen when you’re in perfect health. A great body is not a luxury but a necessity so we can all live happy and meaningful lives. Watsons offers twogreat news that both benefits health and also brings savings.  Welcome Generic Medicines and Now Foods now available at Watsons stores!

Buy Generics and Save 

A recent study shows that health is among the top concerns of Filipinos, next to work-life balance and job security. Being healthy means being able to spend more time with family and enjoy activities with friends. It is a sad reality though that for most people, health management here in the Philippines is expensive. This leads to rampant self medication, non-compliance to treatment, and medical consultation only when symptoms of ailments are already unbearable. 

In recent years, generic medicines which are priced cheaper than the leading brands have been presented as a solution to this concern. However, people are not yet comfortable in switching to generic drugs because of some bad reputation in the past related to questionable efficacy and poor quality. To overcome these challenges, Watsons exerted utmost effort to look for the right pharmaceutical partners and bring together quality generic medicines in the market. This is consistent with its mission of inspiring people to live beautifully and healthily and its aim to provide added value to its shoppers in managing their health.

Watsons narrowed down 3 salient points in its criteria as standard: First, that these drugs are manufactured by a trusted pharmaceutical company; next, that all should be FDA approved; and lastly, that they be sold by a reputable pharmaceutical network.

Watsons, being Asia’s No. 1 pharmacy brand, only carries generic medicines that satisfy the stated criteria above. Watsons just launched its Buy Generics and Save advocacy that will ensure that consumers will be educated in order to know the difference between trusted and questionable generics. Part of this campaign is making it easier for customers to look for the generic counterpart of their branded medications. Starting June, Watsons will bring together all its generic offers in a special, highly visible Buy Generics counter inside the pharmacy. The new health section will carry the Watsons Compliance Packs (for chronic and acute diseases), Watsons Health Packs (for common ailments like headache, stomach pains, allergies, etc) and a wide range of generic products only from trusted manufacturers like Unilab, Ritemed, Pharex and others.  This will provide more options to customers on top of other branded products that are available.

Moreover, consumers get to avail of Watson’s real value add-ons. Each one gets exclusive health-related services at no added cost! Counseling and education from well-trained licensed pharmacists is readily given. Then there are medical services like blood pressure reading to scheduled bone-scan examinations. Ditto BMI analyses, glucose check, derma consultations, and a whole lot more; plus the mobile health advisor for compliance and refill notifications.

Watson’s will be able to provide patients with a variety of quality natural products that are specifically-formulated to help support and promote optimum health through good nutrition. The company is a pioneer in coming up with new and innovative concepts bearing an extensive range of health solutions; becoming a competent frontline and advocate of healthy living.

NOW Foods

Helping Watson’s achieve its goal of making a ‘healthy’ archipelago are trusted names in the pharmaceutical trade here and abroad. A new addition to its roster of trusted affiliates is Now Supplements, the American outfit that espouses to “nourish your passions.”

Established in 1968 by Elwood Richard, NOW Foods is one of the top-selling health food brands in the U.S.A.  What started out as a small family business in Illinois is now an award-winning manufacturer, a respected advocate of the natural product industry, and a pioneer in the fields of nutritional science and methods development.  NOW Foods may have grown considerably since its humble beginnings, but it remains a family-owned company committed to providing products and services that empower people to lead healthier lives.

NOW Foods believes that nature is our best ally when it comes to achieving optimum health. That’s why it uses natural and organic ingredients, never resorting to artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors.  Natural vitamins and nutrients are the potent force in NOW Food supplements, which harness the power of nature to soothe and rejuvenate the human body.  With its 263,000-square foot facility regarded as one of the most scientifically-advanced in the natural products industry, NOW Foods is able to capture nature’s recipe for optimum well-being and turn it into health supplements that are guaranteed fresh and effective.

NOW supplements are Acai Juice, Calcium & Magnesium, Cholesterol Support, CoQ10, Goji Juice, Joint Support, and Salmon Oil.  With over 250 stores in the Philippines, Watsons joins hands with NOW Foods to ensure that every Filipino can get access to nature’s nutrition for optimal wellness.

Avail of the Buy Generics and Now Foods at all Watsons stores nationwide. Log on to

*Campaign/TNS Asia’s Top 1,000 brands survey 2011 of over 3,000 Asian respondents.

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