KFC Reveals The Colonel's Newest Secrets!

I have been invited to a big reveal from KFC Philippines, one of the most loved fast food chain in the Philippines which is also the oldest one as it is 45 years old in the country, they invited us for a day of revelations and of course food that are so good.

It is not the secret 11 herbs and spices that was revealed but a secret manuscript, written by the Colonel himself, was discovered in his home in Louisville, Kentucky. It does not only contain his life story, lessons, and personal values but aslo reveals a collection of 35 of his most treasured recipes.

To give back to his customers, KFC announced that on June 5, Colonel Sanders' secret manuscript  would be available on the official Philippines page www.facebook.com/kfcphilippines for everyone to enjoy.

As we are gathered in the Diamond Hotel as KFC revealed one of Colonel's never-before-seen recipes from the manuscript called Hush Puppes (not real puppies just to be clear). Everyone witnessed Filipino Celebrity Chef, Sharwin Tee of the cooking Curiosity got the Chef, create his own rendition of the iconic dish for all to enjoy.

Event hosts and popular radio DJs Chico and Delamar took the audience back to life of the iconic Colonel Sanders whose passion led to the discovery of the so good recipes made with the freshest ingredients that the world has come to love.

What's more, the duo also introduced the newest product from KFC which is the KFC Original Recipe Bites that features the world famous Original Recipe in 5 Bite-sized pieces. each piece is unique , has no extenders, and is made from 100% real chicken. Now it is easier to enjoy your favorite Original Recipe, anywhere.

"KFC is committed to the values brought about by our founder Colonel Sanders who provided the principles and passion that we practice 'til this day," said Cha-cha Juinio, KFC Philippines General Manager. "The KFC Original Recipe Bites launched here today and the manuscript that we will share with the public on June 5 are statements of our commitment toward product innovation and providing quality food with the freshest ingredients".

If the manuscript and the Original Recipe Bites are just one of the things they offer for their 45th year in the Philippines plus more as KFC will also extend the Fully Loaded Meal promo, which features the Original Recipe Chicken plus soup, mashed potato, brownie, and a drink for only 111 pesos which gives a 72 pesos discount from ala carte prices and is good until June 25, 2012. It one of the biggest discounts given by KFC so do take advantage of this great deal!

For regular updates, follow KFC on Twitter @KFCPhilippines and like their facebook page www.facebook.com/KFCPhilippines.

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