Thank You Mom, You Are My IDOL

Everyone needs someone to look up to, a model that we mimic our actions and mold us to what we will be and lead us to what would be the best for us. We are looking for an IDOL where we get our inspiration. Before we knew the beautiful and wild world, we had our first Idol, and we call her mother. In my case I grew to call her "mama" and others call her "Josie".

Mama Josie was the youngest of the three sisters and learned to stand up on her own at a young age, as their family were not that financially stable, in which only one of them finished college with the help of my mother as she goes to many "rakets" to bring food to the table and help my aunt finish her studies.

With the people she meets everyday, her eyes was opened into the vast opportunities and the love of travel. She would go out with friends and go on trips from Baguio to Albay, then hop on a ship to Cebu and also got a roundtrip ticket to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia without sending a cent. She was indeed charismatic, she has the gift of persuastion as well a fiesty attitude when oppressed. A strong woman she grew after she was left with her first son (my eldest brother Jeffrey) and raise him on her own. 

Even with a complicated situation, she continued with her life and eventually met my father, and they had three children, Corazon, Florencio (me), and Joselito. We grew up with a Bakery that was our family business. But my father is very fond of drinking and gambling, which sometimes I was dragged and get bored to death. This led to problems with the business and arguments in front of us. But there was another blow when mama was having hemmorages and myoma. As a young boy, I cannot fully understand how severe the situations are, but I know that though mama is in pain and blood, she still stands strong.

Eventually, the bakery was sold and we downgraded in lifestyle from private to public schools. My father went from baker to a taxi driver. Though his lifestyle did not change. And amidst the misfortune, she taught us all to turn to God and pray often, reciting rosaries, going to mass which became our routine and our lifestyle evn up to today.

Tough sick and poor, she still do chores , with some help from us, and sometimes goes on obsessive compulsive in terms of cleanliness and order. And then out of the blue, a close friend offered her surgery and hospitalization for FREE. Even while recovering, the training we had with her helped us to be more independent.

Unfortunately, just I was to finish high school, my father died due to cardiac arrest and diabetic complications. It seemed like, "How will we survive now?", as we have also sold the taxi to support my father medicines and daily survival. Also before that, Lolo Qurino, mama's father dies just months before papa died. It was like a double whammy. 

Mama then goes beyond with working and also still keeping the house clean and in order. But we knew that these would not be enough for us to survive and also to settle our debts. My sister then decides to work abroad, and just years I followed by working at a call center. My mom was almost 50 years old but does not look like one as she also taught us to look our best even when poor so people will respect and accept us, which we have proven and also led us to meet and be friends high profile people even we don't even have a house of our own. 

We do have arguments like many of us, but I can't stay mad with mama because I wont be where I am because of her. Even though today, she lives in the province and I am here in Manila working to save and finish my degree, she keeps in touch by calling and facebook (yes, she has one and also a techie herself), she would still gives her unsolicited advice showing her concern for me and my other siblings. She is already a lola, and does not look one. If I can say, she looks like Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos combined.

And speaking of celebrities, she indeed have my full respect and love, an IDOL I look up to. Actually the name "Josie" was also the name used in many Filipino movies like Anak starring Vilma Santos. I may not be that type who says I love you verbally, I always show my love through gifts and gestures, which I know, she cherishes and apperciates. The name Josie, I think can be the national name of mothers. And like mothers all around the world, everyone has a common denominator, an unwavering and uncoditional love  that endures the test of life and time. 

I was very touched when P & G, salutes mothers all around the world which is behind powerful and successful leaders and athletes. As 2012 is a year of the olympics, every gold, silver and bronze medal of the winners brings smiles not only for the countries but also proud mothers who raised their children to be the best in the world. 

I'm also a world changer in the making, and thanks to mama Josie, I will be a very successul and practical person thanks to her, again I love you mama Josie and here is something I offer to you this mother's day.

Thank you mom for having the toughest yet best job in the world!

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