GUYS' MANUAL: Suzuki Kizashi

Here in Guy's Manual, we talk about the things Guys talk about all the time, and guys will definitely agree when talking about cars. And this is one thing that can make boys scream in awe. 

Suzuki Philippines has been a well recognized company in making cars and motorcycle and this year, they are revealing a new model that is really sleek and cool in looks and performance, introducing the SUZUKI KIZASHI!

Japanese car distributor Suzuki Philippines Inc today breaks into the D-segment and rolls out the Suzuki Kizashi.

Prepare your senses for a “sign of great things to come”. This vehicle will be specifically targeted for the discriminating and sophisticated executive class market marking Suzuki Philippines further foray into the highly competitive D-segment of the vehicle industry.

Have an exhilarating experience with Kizashi’s powerful driving performance powered by its state-of-the-art  2.4 litre engine coupled with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with 6 speed manual mode specially designed for whisper quiet yet surprisingly powerful performance in low gears while yielding an excellent fuel economy even in the highest gear setting.

Kizashi’s exterior appearance is truly a sight to behold, a touch of highest dignity with a subdued sporty demeanor. Kizashi is equipped with intelligent and advanced controls like the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) that adds to the superb driving experience that showcases Suzuki’s latest innovation and technology.

Beyond Luxury: The interior

Prepare yourself as you enter Kizashi’s spacious interior providing an above standard offering that truly befits an executive class series of its kind. Each details and craftsmanship are expertly designed to truly evoke a harmonious feeling for a greater riding experience.
The ergonomic design of the instrument panel is specially conceived for the drivers real time information needs.  The steering wheel is equipped with a Tilt and Telescopic Adjustable Steering Wheel to fit all the different kind of drivers. Evoke that race car feel as you start the engine with a Keyless Push Start System.

Soothe yourself with the comfort of Kizashi’s sporty fabric seats for driving comfort . Standard features include ambient and footwell lighting, felt lined glove compartment box and center console storage tray and soft-woven headliner.
Engage your listening pleasure with a mellow sound or a senses-shattering loud music with the audio system with an easy sync with iPod inter-connectivity or any portable music device via built-in USB port. 
Safety beyond standard

Kizashi was conceived with safety as a primary objective in the design of Kizashi’s unique unibody structure, surprisingly lightweight but rigidly strong due to its high-tensile steel material. It combines structures that absorb and dispense impact energy with a deformation resisting cabin structure and greater under floor strength for resistance to impact forces from all directions in case of sudden vehicle collision. Beneath the rigid interior wall are extensive sound insulation suppressant that further reduces external noise for a more quiet, relax atmosphere inside.

Six airbags are included as a standard feature along with an ESP (Electronic Stability Program) that maximizes the driver’s control and stability in various conditions. A highly rigid and light suspension system gives great handling. It has sub frames with floating structures to ensure that the ride is smooth and quiet at all times. The chassis is further reinforced for added stability and greater control.
The ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) is equipped with the sophisticated four-wheel disc brakes supplied by Akebono Brake Corporation, a world leader in noise, vibration and harshness reduction technology and highly acclaimed as a supplier for Japan’s famous Shinkansen trains (bullet trains).
“Suzuki remains true to its pledge of providing small cars for a big future as the Kizashi model proves to be the right fit for drivers who want to remain stylish with their medium-sized sedans. Indeed, great things have come, not only for Suzuki but for our loyal customers as well. We are rolling out the Kizashi with high confidence that not only will it complete our line-up, but most importantly, Kizashi will usher in a heightened appreciation for Suzuki automobiles” , as proudly remarked by Suzuki Philippines President Satoshi Uchida.

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