PLDT Telpad gets an “app-grade” with TelMeHow

Tomorrow’s landline for today’s home just got an “app-grade”.
PLDT’s revolutionary tablet landline and multimedia gadget now comes with its own, exclusive application (app)—TelMeHow. TelMeHow is an educational online companion and an accessible source of easy-to-follow, useful knowledge ideal for pursuing special interests, developing new skills or simply bonding with loved ones especially during this summer vacation.

The app hosts several categories that family members can engage in, such as cooking, fashion, travel, photography, first aid, sports, music, language and fitness, among others. These categories offer “how-to” content in various forms—instructional videos, photos and supplementary content. This exclusive Telpad app features popular experts in its various categories.

For instance, for the cooking category, food connoisseur Erwan Heussaff demonstrates how to cook while photos of the finished product, as well as the written version of the recipes, tips and ingredients, are also available. The cooking section highlights recipes from Erwan’s personal culinary archives such as the super simple burger recipe, grilled stuffed calamari and cheese and mushroom rolled pizzanitos.

Redefining connection in the Filipino family

With today’s generation of tech-savvy and proactive teens, TelMeHow provides an avenue for fun learning and for discovering wonderful things right inside the comforts of home. It is in line with PLDT Home Business’ essence of providing the strongest connections at home, with Telpad and TelMeHow fulfilling that brand promise. The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim boasts of an 8 GB internal memory, 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and additional storage capacity of up to 32 GB. The sleek S7 Slim also has a micro HDMI port for larger scale viewing on HD television. It also comes with 3-axis Accelerometer, gravity, and ambient light sensors.

Each Telpad plan comes with unlimited calls and unlimited broadband service. Plans start at P1,849 at 1.5mbps. The Telpad unit is an Android™-powered device so subscribers can take advantage of more than 450,000 applications available for download at Google Play (formerly known as Android™ Market). 

BizTech Experts in your home

TelMeHow features industry professionals with the likes of designer Sassa Jimenez and stylist Bea Constantino providing practical and professional tips. Travel blogger Lois Yasay of shares tried and tested travel advice like packing unlikely travel essentials. After the official launch of TelMeHow, Telpad subscribers can look forward to more valuable and easily accessible content on the app with the help of a line-up of mentors such as Professional Photographer Paul Ticzon. Meanwhile, all other TelMeHow mentors will add more instructional videos.

Also in the pipeline are new categories including a section on cars which will feature ideas on how to soup up your ride. Home buddies and interior decorating addicts can look forward to the home category called living space which will feature practical housekeeping and home decorating tips. Subscribers looking for a part-time gig or homeowners who simply want to know how to throw a successful party will also find the soon-to-be uploaded events category extremely useful with its how-to guide in organizing and managing an event. Those trying to be healthy can work out at home with health and wellness tips courtesy of the upcoming fitness category. Would-be tourists to Paris or budding linguists can learn the basics of the French language. Finally,TelMeHow will beef up its sports category with basketball and volleyball instructionals from top athletes Kirk Long and Michelle Gumabao.

TelMeHow will also tie up with leading publications and websites for content sharing such as,, Bianca Valerio of B*Spoke, as well as TV5.
Also coming soon is a full-blown interactive user upload section which will feature selected content from Telpad subscribers. Whether it’s an heirloom recipe or an original music video, Telpad users will soon have their own dedicated space online via TelMeHow.

TelMeHow may now be downloaded for free at More information about the Telpad is also available on the website.

New Telpad App brings joys of learning to the home Now, families have another reason to enjoy the comforts of home while discovering and learning wonderful things at the touch of a fingertip, thanks to the new TelMeHow application (app) on PLDT Telpad. Just recently, the app was introduced via a television commercial featuring a teenage daughter whipping up a surprise French-themed dinner for her parents with a heaping of her newly-learned basic French vocabulary. As it turns out, she accessed TelMeHow’s cooking and language apps to help her accomplish the tasks. The commercial also shows how the daughter used the Telpad to create a slideshow of photos recapturing highlights of her parents’ relationship, adding spark to an otherwise humdrum date night for mom and dad.

TelMeHow is an app exclusive to PLDT Telpad subscribers which allows them to discover new interests and skills. It is a host of diverse categories including cooking, fashion, first aid, travel, photography, language, music, sports, and fitness, among others. Each category is further divided into episodes which feature vivid and engaging how-to videos complete with audio, images and detailed supplementary content. The TelMeHow app has an interactive graphic interface so users can access information with ease. For instance, the cooking category has three-minute instructional videos and on the side are tabs which have the ingredients, procedures and tips.

With the launch of the TelMeHow app, the Telpad, dubbed as tomorrow’s landline for today’s home, adds “educational” to its portfolio of features. Teens and adults alike can now get a head start on learning new skills or developing hidden talents with a range of easy-to-digest instructional information right at their fingertips. This makes it timely for pursuing special interests and hobbies during the teens’ summer vacation, and later on, for learning new skills that enrich one’s life and personality. Got special guests coming over? Impress them with sophisticated, homemade fare courtesy of recipes from the cooking category. Got bored kids on summer vacation? Keep them happily busy with photography practice guided by expert tips from the photography section of the app.

With TelMeHow on Telpad, subscribers will discover that some of the best things and the strongest connections are truly found at home. Telpad plans, which start at P1,849, Internet speed, include landline service (unlimited local calls) and high-speed connectivity at 1.5 mbps supported by PLDT myDSL. This reliable connection allows users to enjoy uninterrupted online video streaming or choose from more than 450,000 applications available for download on Google Play (formerly known as Android Market). The sleek, new S7 Slim unit powered by Android™ Froyo 2.2 also comes with 8GB internal memory and 512 MB RAM which can be augmented by a 32 GB SD card for additional storage. Whether it’s a playlist of your family’s favorite songs or a digital photo album of your most recent vacation, the upgraded Telpad is the ideal multimedia companion. Users can also plug the Telpad to an HD television screen for larger scale viewing via its micro HDMI port. This latest version of the Telpad is also equipped with a 0.3-megapixel front and a 3 MP rear camera for still shots, video capture and video conferencing. Find out more about PLDT’s revolutionary tablet landline at Existing Telpad subscribers can also download the TelMeHow app for free from the website.

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