Search for the Best "Pride Rice" With Clara Ole Sinangag Fest

Rice has been the staple food of the Filipinos, and though we are used to have it plain, we love to do experimenting with it using different flavors and textures. And thus, SINANGAG or fried rice is formed. This is what the Clara Ole brand wants to highlight as something Filipinos can also be proud of as we are a food loving nation.

Clara Ole recently had the launch of its SINANGAG FEST which is a nationwide search for the best sinangag recipie in the land. This is also with the flavorful taste of Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Rice Mix that comes in many flavors like Tocino, Beef Steak, Adobo, Japanese Rice and many other flavors!

At the launch which was hosted by Suzy Abrera, they did show the influence and diversity of the favorite breakfast rice. They also invited three chefs that will show the audience  a new way to enjoy sinangag, Chef Sandy Daza, Chef Eugene Raymundo and Pinoy Junior Masterchef Kyle Imao.

They asked for volunteers from the media and bloggers to try those recipies with their guidance, and since most of them can cook, sinangag is as easy as pie. 

And since Pinoys do love cooking and eating, the festival for the best sinangag in the country goes into full throttle. If you have what it takes, I suggest you go ahead and you can be one of the top 100 sinangag recipies that will be published in an upcoming cook book!

To join, simply go to the Facebook App in Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Facebook Page and follow instructions to submit your recipes. Clara Ole's Ora Mix Mo Specialty Fried Rice Mix is at Php 11.15 (30g good for 2-4 cups of cooked rice) and Php 36.00 (120g good for 8-12 cups of cooked rice). Read the mechanics and enjoy your fried rice dishes. Get more information on turning your fried rice to pride rice. 

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AREA                                                         DATE

GMA run - 4 public markets                        May 21-25, 2012
Sinangag Fest in GMA                               May 25, 2012
Pampanga Run- 4 public markets             May 28- June 3, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Pampanga                     June 3, 2012
Olongapo Run - 4 public markets              June 4-10, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Olongapo                       June 10, 2012
Cavite Run- 4 public markets                     June 11-17, 2012
Sinangag Fest in Cavite                             June 17, 2012

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