Ridgeview Estates NUVALI blends eco-friendly lifestyle, perks of urban living

There is no better antidote to the stresses and hassles of city living than coming home to relaxing and refreshing greenery, a place that is private, secure and in harmony with nature. And this is exactly what Ridgeview Estates NUVALI offers its residents.

This residential property is located within NUVALI, Ayala Land’s sprawling 1,800-hectare development envisioned to be a metropolis founded on standards of social, economic and environmental sustainability; and is set amidst a backdrop of lush and verdant beauty, giving residents more reasons to love their home and community.

Since its launch in 2006, NUVALI has been a popular spot for get-away weekends, providing a venue for recreational activities such as biking, running, fish-feeding, shopping, dining and more. And with a selection of residential properties available, it has also become home to those who want to live in a sustainable community conducive to family development and work-life balance. 

For singles, couples and those who want to upgrade to a bigger space for their growing families, Ridgeview Estates NUVALI is the perfect place to build their dream homes, where each moment is as perfect as the first. This 20-hectare community is designed to give residents all the benefits of living sustainably. 

“One of the pillars of Avida’s philosophy as a developer is sustainability. By sustainability, we mean a way of life that provides the best living experience to residents without causing harm to nature—and actually preserves nature for the sake of the next generation,” says Dez Cruz, Avida Project Strategic Management Group Head. 

Cruz adds that Ridgeview Estates NUVALI is designed to let residents embrace a way of life that promotes their overall well-being.

“There is so much excitement and opportunities in the city. But living in a busy urban setting also has its downsides. We are exposed to pollution, heavy traffic, crowding, and many small stresses throughout our day. All of these affect our peace of mind, our physical health and even our emotions.”

“Coming home to Ridgeview Estates NUVALI takes us far from those stresses and lets us enjoy peace and quiet. We experience calmness, relaxation and clarity of mind. We can recharge ourselves, mentally, physically and emotionally, so we can prepare for the following day’s challenges.” 

Ridgeview Estates NUVALI is less than an hour’s drive from Alabang or Makati.  Residents are also given special access to a private road thru Mamplasan Exit.  NUVALI also has a transport hub that provides easy access to public transportation.

And while Ridgeview Estates NUVALI reconnects residents to nature, they are never far from the modern conveniences that they’ve become used to in the city. Residents’ everyday needs are also amply provided for because Ridgeview Estates NUVALI is close to schools, hospitals, commercial establishments and offices.
Everything in the community—from the houses, to the amenities and supporting services—is designed for maximum eco-sustainability. The homes in Ridgeview Estates NUVALI are guaranteed to remain at their best as when they first moved in. 

Careful planning with focus on sustainability has allotted open spaces for residents to enjoy the benefits of living close to nature. Ridgeview Estates NUVALI is surrounded by trees and verdant landscaping bringing nature right at the residents’ doorsteps. 

Residents can also enjoy The Greenway, a unique 10-meter wide pedestrian-friendly amenity strip that traverses thru the entire community where kids and adults can relax and play. It is divided into two zones: the Active Zone which includes a basketball court and the children’s play area, while the the clubhouse and pool area are located at the Social Zone. 

There are five house types: Chloe, Daphne, Holly, Iris and Jasmine. The floor areas range from 93 sq. m. to 124 sq. m. with minimum lot areas ranging from 154 sq. m. to 221 sq. m. 

“Sustainability is something that we can all benefit from. Being aware that we are all a part of nature helps us find our essential connection to our environment. The natural part of our lives--the one that we overlook or even neglect when we’re in the city—is restored to us when we live sustainably. As a result, we are more whole in mind, body and soul,” says Cruz. 

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