Tropang Potchi’s Summer Getaway this Saturday

The Santacruzan is one of the most popular and most anticipated festivals throughout the Philippines. And for their summer episode this Saturday, May 12, the Tropang Potchi is all set to join the festivity!

Same as the previous year, Bianca is again chosen to be this year’s Reyna Elena. However, on the day of the Santacruzan, things heat up a bit. The Hermana Mayor suddenly replaced Bianca for a famous actress, Lexi Fernandez. This incident left Bianca hurt and disappointed.

Feeling hurt, the Tropang Potchi will try to ease and comfort Bianca through Julian’s fun adventure stories about their summer getaway in Batangas. It is packed with exciting and thrilling adventures such as Aqua Glide, Couch surfing, Sailing, Sumo Surfing, Zipline, Wall Climbing, and Giant Waterslides! 

Will Bianca feel good after hearing Julian’s summer adventure stories? Will she finally accept the fact that she was replaced as Reyna Elena? 

Find out in Tropang Potchi this Saturday, May 12, 9am on GMA 7.

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