The Power To Do More With Dell Philippines

"Technology has always been about enabling human potential" - Michael Dell

This quote has captured my attention about our current lives today and what we will be heading in the years ahead. Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of the popular computer brand DELL. And aside from making computers, Dell has ventured out into many services and products that still makes them a great innovator and quality provider al over the world.

Dell is no strager to me as it has been present many times in my life from my school days, my call center years and even up to today. With achievements in every country they set up their offices and factories, they remain humble and keep a very high standard of quality with also a lot of consideration with the welfare of their employees.

Even there is no Dell hardware factory here in the Philippines, Dell International Services  (DIS) Philippines is a 1600 workforce strong organization led by Country President, Richard Teo, who has worked for 25 years in the industry and 9 years with Dell. The Philippines has been his third country (Dell China and Dell Japan) he worked with Dell. And it was a great honor to meet him as he welcomed us inside their facilities despite his very busy schedule. We were also welcomed by their Human Resources Director, Donna Grande who shared to us the

Today's Dell

Dell Philippines first stared here in the country back in 2005 as mostly for hardware/computer services but eventually has opened its doors for outsourcing and server services.Two Main business of Dell Philippines: Business Process Solutions and Customer Service. They now reside in Eastwood City where all their operations are integrated into a single building, which I would say is a smart move at is lessens delays in communications and implementations. They also gained the ISO 9001 last November 2011.

Dell recently acquired several companies in the past 2-3 years that will also revolutionize not just the computer and network industry but also the medical industry. One of the companies they acquired is Perot Systems that works with the healthcare  in the Americas. Their services coverage focus on three major groups, and these are the Americas, UK/Ireland, and Autrailia/New Zealand.

As a former call center agent, I somehow know how Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) works, and the routines and protocols for the workforce. After the Q&As, we got a chance to go around the facilities and see for ourselves the working environment that Dell made for its employees. I was impressed with how Dell Philippines set up their offices, from the hardware, the software and the services that they offer. The station ratio is one per agent which is good for workers feel that it is their personal space giving them motivation to meet targets.

People and Social Responsibility: People Strategy

Aside from systems, Dell also invests in their people with an effective approach which mutual partnership.They focus first in Developing inspiring leaders, to make more leaders rather than bosses. Then Championing Team Members, which will inspire not only at the top but also all within the organization. Also they wanted to Be an employer of choice for job seekers and also a be there for Listening and Sharing, which is a dialogue of what the employees think and the company responds.

I was also impressed with the employees themselves, as some of them are role models to the company and their colleagues. We first met the couple who came all the way from India to work here in the Philippines. They started with Dell in India and transferred here and have been with dell for about 6 and above years.

We also met one of the managers who is physically challenged but shows enthusiasm and dedication in his work which earned him to be promoted to his current position today. As we  continued with our tour, we also saw their servers ( of course powered by Dell). Their tech lab which contains the hardware and software used in their business, which also include the latest XPS models and even Alienware.

For recreation, they do have a gym room, which I hardly see in other contact centers, and also a computer room for employees to relax and unwind while on break or after shifts. Their cafeteria also spacious and follow recycling and waste management as part of their commitment to be a environmentally friendly company. 

After the tour and the talks about Dell Philippines, it came across my mind that they live up to their company values. And as a former agent, the working atmosphere here at Dell is truly a notch higher as it is partnered with the dedication of Filipino agents, managers, accountants, engineers and industry workers. I look forward to see Dell expand here in the Philippines not only to provide employment but also incorporate an inspiring environment that gets the job done and keeps the office a fun place to work.

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