Misa De Gallo Diaries 2012 - DAY 2 - MOSAIC

First Reading: Genesis 49:2, 8-10
Psalm: Psalm 72:1-4, 7-8, 17
Gospel: Matthew 1:1-17

The second day of Misa De Gallo was something similar to what happened with the past year of attending the second mass. Originally me and my dorm mates planned to go to San Felipe Neri Parish which is just less than 2 KM away which we can just walk. But arriving at the church we found out that the only mass would be for 4AM only, we arrived at 5 PM. Now the problem of finding another nearby church was now our concern. Since I have already been to Divine Mercy Shrine of the first day, it was thinking of another nearby church where there is a 5:30 AM mass and the only one I can think of was the San Roque Parish which is near EDSA.

For this day, I was not alone. I had two of my dorm mates with me who wanted to join me in the Misa De Gallo, which we originally planned to have it at San Felipe Neri Parish. Luckily, we reached the church in time for the gospel which is the Genealogy of Jesus. And like in the past, I would say that this is the longest gospel I heard in the simbang gabi nights. Since it talks about the very long lineage of Jesus from the start up to Joseph which is is foster father. 

The priest mentioned that that the generations before Jesus were not all noble and great, but he compared it to a mosaic which is composed of many small tiles which different colors and each tile having its own characteristics which when piled together makes a great masterpiece, and that is wat Jesus is, he may have not come from all royalty and great men but this paved the way for his arrival which was meant to save those who needs him.

Like the mosaic, the mass is a collection of people from different walks of life. All are not perfect but each wanting to take part and be the beautiful masterpiece that we create when gathered together. I am happy that for the second day of Misa De Gallo that I have friends joining me, telling me that the journey does not mean to always be alone, which makes the journey fun and worthwhile. 

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