Misa De Gallo Diaries 2012!

It is that ime of the Christmas season which I say is the most challenging yet fulfilling experience of spending 9 days of dawn/late night masses more commonly called MISA DE GALLO or Simbang Gabi. And as my own personal tradition like the Visita Iglesia, I like to speak about this personal experience which takes me into a whole new meaning to living life to the fullest.

Started as a special series in Manual to Lyf last 2010, now on its third year is something I look forward to every year. Something to be grateful for the wonderful year which was given to me. Time to reflect on the difficulties I faced in 2012. To look forward to the year 2013 with strong faith and optimism. Seems to ideal for some, but these things motivate me in being a better person. It will be hard just like the past years due to unforeseen problems and delays.

This year I will go on the 9 days again and to attend mass on 9 different churches, which makes the journey exciting. Will be documenting these days and posted here in Manual to Lyf. So join me on this one of a kind blog series. It is in solidarity with the celebrant this Christmas and the spirit of joy and love!

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