Thankful For Chocolate This Christmas

I am a Chocophile, a chocolate addict. It seems that my day won't go on without a taste of chocolate in my mouth. The reason I am also bubbly and active because of the sugar rush made in each chocolate product. This Christmas, I'm hoping to receive chocolate gifts (please)! 

There was a quote that says “chocolates are made of cacao beans, and bean is a vegetable and that sugar that makes chocolates sweet came from either sugar cane or sugar beets, and since both are plants they would be in the vegetable category, therefore chocolate is a vegetable.” If this is really true, then hooray goes for those who love chocolates!

Well, hold your horses, chocoholics and vegans. Before you jump for joy or go up in arms, this is just a little twist of logic to give humor to a universally loved concoction that has withstood the test of time. Whatever your race, religious or political beliefs, or social and economic status, chocolate—in whatever state—will always be chocolate and should be loved by all and be thankful for.

And the Philippines is definitely not an exception. A nation recognized for its love for chocolates, it certainly is not left behind in the global and continuously evolving love for chocolate. This is thanks in large part to Delfi Foods, Inc., maker of “Goya” and other delicious chocolatey treats that ensures that this love affair between chocolates and Filipinos will continue towards eternity.

With flavors like Goya Milk Chocolates, Dark Chocolates, Cookies & Cream, Krispy Krunch, Goya Almonds, Goya Almonds and Raisins, Goya Splendor and Goya Pretzel Twists, Filipino chocolate aficionados will surely be  happy munching on them.

Man’s love affair with chocolate has certainly surpassed and evolved tremendously throughout several centuries and industrial revolutions. From the time of the Mayans and Aztecs, to the efforts of Spanish explorer Hernando Cortez and the discovery of “praline” by the French, the first chocolate-making factory in the US where the modern chocolate bar was introduced, to the day that chocolate was given a smoother and finer texture, thanks to a revolutionary machine, man still continues with its relationship with chocolate. It has now become a ubiquitous part of peoples’ and nations’ lives, whether as a glorious drink or as an emotionally fulfilling chocolate bar.

This month, Delfi Foods, Inc., maker of Goya, pays tribute to the true originators of chocolates. Without their pioneering contribution to man’s sweet palate, the people of the world would never have known chocolates—and Filipinos would never have known Goya.

For this holiday season, get-togethers and other festive celebrations will definitely overflow with Goya chocolates. Holiday parties will have enough supplies of Goya chocolate candies, chocolate drinks, and other choco-coated treats. Goya chocoholics of all ages will have a blast enjoying the season even more with these world-class quality chocolates many of us have grown to love. 

With Goya chocolates an inarguable part of the Filipino psyche, expect the Philippines to solidify its position as a true chocolate-loving nation—and absolutely proud because Goya, a fully Filipino-made chocolate treat, is undeniably among the best in the world.

Goya products are available at major supermarkets, groceries, convenience stores nationwide. Be a Goyaholic, join us on Facebook at

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