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Your partner, your team mates, your toka lunch group, your boss, your boss’s boss, the parking guard, the people on four, five, and six- the list is long, and time is short. Christmas is here again and, with it, the dilemma of what to buy for all those people at the office that won’t cost you your bonus. Well, have no fear. Santa’s little helpers are here at SM Department Store’s Beauty Section. They’ve got everything you need to get all those stockings stuffed with gifts that aren’t just perfectly-priced for the occasion, but thoughtful too.

As with any list, let’s start at the top- the head honchos. You want to buy your boss something that feels special, but isn’t over the top in terms of budget. If it costs too much, they’ll think they pay you too much. If it’s too cheap, they’ll think you didn’t make an effort. Here are some suggestions that will wow them with class without breaking your purse strings. 

PRODUCTS: LCDM Nourishing Pure Vegetable Soap, Aqua Vera Shower Gels 

Next up are the office barkada, the people you might actually see on the weekends. Again, you want to let these people know that you care about them so you’ll spring for something a little outside of the ordinary. Without violating the golden rule, which is: you should keep as much of your gold as possible.

PRODUCTS: LCDM Gardener’s Hand Healer Hand Cream, LCDM Smile Lip Balm, Body Luxuries Cologne
The girls. The girls in the office will be the least of your problems at SM’s beauty section. There’s something for every type in every price range. For the cutesie girls, you can never go wrong with Hello Kitty. 

PRODUCTS: Hello Kitty Inflatable Shower Gel, Lip Balm, Lip Balm with topper, Body Lotion, Shampoo

For the more sophisticated girls out there, why not go for a fragrance? They don’t have to be expensive, you know.

PRODUCTS: Eau Bella Body Mist

Then, there are the party girls. At this time of year, the crew is at the top of their game, and the name of that game is photo frenzy. They’re going to be taking pictures left and right. So giving them a few beauty products to keep them looking good at all times is a great idea.

PRODUCTS: Lip Smacker,

BYS megashine lipgloss - P229

BYS neon eyeliner - P169

BYS longwear lipstick - P299

The boys. The thing about them is they’re just as vain as the girls. They just don’t like to admit it. Buy them a few things to keep them looking suave at the holiday soirees, and they’re guaranteed to use them. Go with hair product or grooming aids. Most of them use it, so you might as well help them do it stylishly. 

PRODUCTS: Gatsby Wax 

Another option is fragrances. It’s an equal-opportunity gift that’s always useful. Plus, if a girl gives a guy a fragrance, he’s almost guaranteed to use it. After all, only women really know what fragrances they find attractive.

PRODUCTS: Penshoppe Acqua Bene, Bench Deo Sprays

The last group on the list are the “I don’t knows”. It’s the toughest category because they’re people you just can’t seem to pin down. Here is where most people go straight to food items as the default gift. But let’s get real- a person can only get so many fruitcakes and chocolate crinkles before they start re-gifting them. Why not buy some more functional items instead? Moisturizers are perfect for the Christmas season. The air is cooler, and people’s skin has a tendency to dry out.

PRODUCTS: EVAS Vitamin Hand, Body Treats Perfumed Hand Cream

Another great idea is hand sanitizer. With all the shopping, all the partying, all the handshaking, and then all the eating, it’s going to come in handy.

PRODUCTS: Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck Hand Sanitizers
See- there’s beauty in practicality, and practicality in beauty.

That pretty much covers the entire list, and all in a single shopping trip.  That’s SM Beauty for you. They’re not kidding when they say they’ve got it all. Well, it’s time all you Secret Santas get out there. Your shopping days are numbered. As for me, I’m already wrapping things up. 

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