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Planning to have bonding time with family and friends? Why not try something different and a little outside the busy Metro Manila but not way too far. And Antipolo comes to mind, there could be some places to go but which has good food, great music and a stunning view all in one.

Well all of these can be found in OneA Events Place (Pronounced as O-Ney-Yah) in Sumulong Highway. And we had several events held here which we truly enjoyed the venue very mush especially the view of Metro Manila. Just over a year in operation but it has held many events and also is becoming a favorite place for KTV.

We had a small get together with Bloggers to battle it out who will be the OneA Videoke King and Queen. So did I win? Check the results at the bottom of the article.  We also had a time to dine at Cafe Lupe which provided the great food we had while enjoying the new music and videoke. #Cheerio

Love for music is one of Filipino's passion - either listening to it but mostly singing your heart's out. The best way to express it is through KTV.

Evolved from a simple term like Sing-along and Videoke, KTV aka Karaoke Television is a set-up in a private room where one can sing at the same time share food and drinks. It is a favorite venue to celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or simply family/friends gathering for bonding enjoying those unforgettable moments.

Best part, anyone can do it as long you can read those lyrics. Even without those talents in singing, following the lyrics moving along those in the screen will facilitate one's performance. You will also be inspired to sing more because of the "big score" it is provided. Again, even without those great voice. One of the best KTV spots is OneA Events Place located along Sumulong Highwayin Antipolo City.

Others would say its too far from the metro.  But what cut it from the rest of the KTV places, its uniqueness, its difference? Barely a year old, OneA Events Place is one of the best getaway to enjoy the overlooking beauty of the Metro Manila skyline scenery especially at night. Personally, its a relaxing feeling to catch the sunset. The beauty of starry yet cleary sky is best for gazing the view in the evening which is also something to catch and look for aside from the cold yet windy breeze that crosses to your face. OneA which is located inside Comoda Ville is also an ideal location for exhibits and other events. We witnessed a car show activity at the time we were there. 

The KTV has 4 airconditioned rooms that accomodates no. of preferred guests from small to large groups. For the luxurious facility, couches and table are provided, TV with two microphones, JBL High-end speakers giving those quality voice and sound output, popular and new song selections where thousands of titles are ready to choose from.

For the rates, it has a fair yet affordable easy on the pocket price which goes with the food consumable.
Their smallest room can seat up to 8 - 12 people (P 1,0000/hour food consumable) and the bigger room with own comfort room can accommodate 20 people (P 1,500/hour food consumable). To enjoy more the singing, food like appetizers, meal and drinks goes well with KTV especially if one has a sumptous taste prepared by their sister restaurant, Cafe Lupe.
Food are cooked homestlye of Mexican and and Ilonggo favorites. It has a specialty of Mexican taste - a dash of spices combined with beef and beans. Expect popular meals like Paella, tortilla chips, burritos, tacos, chimichangas, tacos, enchiladas, chili con carne and margaritas. Some of their famous Ilonggo cuisine are the Chicken Inasal and Sinigang.
These are the following food we shared:
  • Margarita Pizza P 220.00
  • Beef Tacos, price is P 150.00
  • Sinigang
  • Paella ala Lupe P 1,200.00
  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Spaghetti Bolognese P 150.00
  • Pork Barbeque P 98.00
  • Lopilada
  • Frozen Margarita
From that night, it was a breeze of getting out from the city life. Setting aside those stress and just feel those work-life balance by going somewhere - singing out, relax, grab those great tasting food and simply have fun! Truly, a perfect getaway near in the metro.

Well I did not win, but all of us had a very great time at OneA Events Place and Cafe Lupe.  If you have questions and inquiries you can contact them with these info:

Address: Comoda Ville, Sitio Ruhat, Sumulong Highway, Antipolo, Rizal
For reservation, call at least a day before the preferred date
Telephone No.: (+63 2) 682-8566, 682-1706

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