Be Better Educator With Books

Education is also getting fast-paced with the access to the internet and also more affordable  gadgets which gives more people a opportunity to own a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet. And from these technological breakthrough that one can also be utilized in teaching which can provide better learning experience and also more convenient for the teachers.

Reading references and even novels (fiction or non-fiction) makes one's mind very active in thinking and processing a lot of information which one can also get techniques for teaching. 

Though I may not be an educator (yet), I have several relative who are and knew that this vocation is hard but rewarding in many ways. Having the right tools and information does make one more creative and also effective in schools.

Saint Mary’s Publishing Corporation (SMPC) President President Jerry Vicente Catabijan created the website – the CSR website of his company which is aimed at providing information and material for teachers who want to further their learning online in order to become better at what they do.  

Many teachers have tried the website and share their favorite books which provides free articles on a variety of topics like teaching tips, book features, profiles on writers and other educators. In the website, there is also a  post about Teacher's Favorite Books.

More than just an online resource material, the website stands for something so much more to the publisher. “Be Better is not just a website – it’s a philosophy that my company lives by and the website is perhaps its most visible expression right now,” says SMPC President Jerry Vicente Catabijan. The word “better” in Be Better is actually an acronym which stands for “Better Education Thrives Through Endless Reading” – such sums up what Jerry Catabijan is doing to achieve. “When we talk about ‘endless reading’, we’re not only referring to the students but the teachers as well,” he adds.

So whether you are an teacher, professor, or even a student. It's time to use the internet to good use with enriching the mind which will eventually enrich the whole nation with educated and thinking citizens and for generations to come.

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