Thank You For Making My Christmas!

Christmas has been very great for me this year and like I said that the year 2012 was a year of great opportunities and recovery. I got of material and educational blessings as I started going back to school and hopefully graduate this 2013. 

I just have to say thank you for the people and agencies who made my Christmas with these great gifts!

First package I got this december was on 12-12-12 which I got a nice package from Lipton Tea. And yes its a box of teabags and flavors and useful items. I also shared them here with a mix I made and was promoted on the Lipton page!
I got a package from Sony BeTV which shares me the latest updates with BeTV and AXN that I also share with my readers. They sent me a tote bag and 3 BeTV universal envelops which I can store things and organize them. By the way they also have something more in store for January so keep posted here!

The next one is my very first running shoe EVER. The Nike lunarshield +4 and some race clothes also from Nike. Also my first Nike shoe which I tested back in November for the launch of the Nike+ application. And this means I will have more runs this year! YES! Since I also plan that 2013 will be a year of fitness and health for me.

I also got in the mail a Safeguard Package from Procter and Gamble which celebrate the Global Handwashing Day and has been very consistent in providing skin protection and used and recommended by many doctors. I am actually interested with their new line of products like the body wash, the hand sanitizer and the hand soap, which I have tried all of them and is fun to use. I can be assured of having skin protection for months to come!

There are also some other gifts that I got from them personally. Really unexpexted for this month which I am very thankful. Though I do have a lot of wants in my Christmas list, I am trully happy with these blessings. It makes me feel loved! I wish all of you had a significant and blessed Christmas also!

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