Netizens Choice Award: The Best Station for MTL is...

As promised, I will make my decision for the NETIZEN'S CHOICE AWARDS for the best TV station!

The "Netizens Choice Awards" complete list of nominees are posted in the top entertainment websites and  

TV is one of the most influential media even up to today in the digital age as it covers audience share from the population. TV has shapped the culture of the Filipino people with the rise of superstars, variety shows, telenovelas and even quiz shows.

For the Netizen's Choice Award, Manual to Lyf looks for the network that defines innovation and creativity in shows, news and public affairs and even in public service. And for Manual to Lyf, we choose the Kapatid Network TV5.

Unlikely it may seem compared to the network giants ABS CBN and GMA, TV5 has gone to a big transformation from being a simple TV network once known as ABC 5. The MVP company has evovled and now making waves little by little to prove its worth in the network competition. TV5 has invested in improving their programming, news and public affairs, and even the celebrity roster which most of them hailed from the other networks.

Though still a far way to being the number one network, they have a number of shows which rates well and recently in a Nielsen survey, TV5 has passed GMA in terms of rating in certain areas of the country. As they will open a bigger (and closer) TV studios in Mandaluyong is already a big leap and a promise of the network to provide quality and entertaining programs that will win the hearts of many people. They also have a very active social media and website through interaksyon which I consider one of the best news website of the country. 

So as an netizen, a blogger, and a TV viewer, our approval for the best TV station goes to the Kapatid Network, TV5! 

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