Misa De Gallo Diaries 2012 - DAY 7 - THANKFUL

First Reading:1 Samuel 1:24-28
Psalm: 1 Samuel 2:1, 4-8
Gospel: Luke 1:46-56

Just after the "End of the World," which did not really had anything catastropic (Thank God) but actually was a shower of blessings for me when I got of opportunities that gave me things, I though I never had in my life. First, in recent days I recieved several packages in the mail. Then I also got gifts like a very nice pair of Nike running shoes which I am very thankful of. I also recently had genrous events that made me feel Christmas is indeed here. 

It was indeed a busy December 21 for me which also made me miss the anticipated masses, so I would have to do the dawn/early masses. Which I have churches in mind, but have no idea about the schedules. Uh Oh, dilemma brewing.

Our Christmas party ended at 3AM but I made sure I did not drink to reserve the solemnity for the mass, but I still don't know where to go. Some of my friends also wanted to have coffee in Antipolo, which I though would be near the Antipolo church but we ended up in a McDonalds in the highway. After the brief coffee break, It was time to go home as traffic is also building up even at the break of dawn. I decided to be dropped off at Annonas where the Archdiocesan Shrine of Saint Joseph. 

I have not attended mass in this church for about ten years even though I passed by it so many times. It was one of my childhood memories when I was living back in Cubao. But I want to thank God again that he brought me to this church as I though I would never reach the mass, but I was just in time.

The gospel was about the MAGNIFICAT, being the handmaid of the Lord and following God's will. The priest defined it as FIAT. This kind of obedience is something that hard to do with putting a lot of trust and faith which also put one at great risk, but trusting God's plan brings more blessings and will be a happy ending indeed. 

I may not have that kind of obedience like Mary but trusting God is one step, and will continue it. Besides, I have proven countless times on the power and intervention of God in my life and for that I am very thankful...

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