Axe Anarchy Island Bikini Auction Party

Saving the environment has never been sexier with Axe Philippine’s Sexy Saves Boracay project!  And he last part of the project is extra steamy.

Axe Philippines wanted to take the eco-friendly project a bit further by coming up with something that they’ve never done before. But they may have taken this thing a bit too far with the Axe Bikini Auction Party last November 27 at Republiq in Resorts World Manila. So, you may be asking what exactly is a “Bikini Auction Party”. Well, it’s pretty weird.

Here’s the simplest way to tell the story: Axe Philippines got together a couple of the hottest celebrities out there plus maybe twenty Axe Girls to auction off their personal bikinis to room full of guys (and girls). The first impression you get is that it’s a bit strange in a creepy, sleazy way. But then you realize that it’s all for fun and of course it’s for a good cause. All proceeds go to Hands On Manila ( for beach clean up missions in Boracay.

Sam Pinto, Jinri Park, Daiana Menezes, Karen Bordador, Abby Poblador, and Ashley Rivera (better known as funny, YouTube sensation Petra Mahalimuyak) strutted on a catwalk and auctioned off their bikinis. The Axe Girls and the celebrities were all wearing Axe Anarchy For Her, which made the experience not just a treat for the eyes but also for the nose.

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