Rossetti: The way to one’s heart

This Christmas, all the food and feasting will be especially meaningful as family and friends gather together to celebrate the season—and if food is the way to man’s (and a woman’s, too) heart, then the dining experience will be even more heart-warming when food presentation is made in an appetizing style and an elegant setting.

Rossetti offers a wide range of food service products to meet the challenge of giving that heart warming dining experience. 

Rossetti is especially recognized for the quality and elegance of its chafing dishes. Wherever the place - whether at home, in a restaurant, or a catering function - Rossetti prides itself in being able to provide various serving and presentation needs. 

The chafing dishes are a special point of pride for Rossetti: they come in single or double burner vessels and are perfect for keeping food warm for any event – whether indoor or outdoor. Electrical chafing dishes are also available for convenient use during indoor events.

Rossetti chafing dishes can perk up any conventional meal serving to a simply exquisite presentation. They come in different shapes - rectangle, oval, round or square – and various sizes to suit any need – be it a five star hotel function or a very private dinner party at a local bistro.

In every special meal, all the details matter. As they say, we all start “eating” even before we take our first bite. We enjoy the visual presentation of the various dishes. We notice the inviting aromas. A complete dining experience, however, will include our appreciation of the setting – luxuriant ambiance with food served in shiny vessels makes a great difference in the flavours, aromas, and textures that we savour with each bite. Rossetti heightens the total enjoyment of our dining experience. 

Rossetti chafing dishes add a classy touch to the table. But this catering ware brand not only boasts of elegant looks. Made with high grade stainless steel material, Rossetti ensures top quality craftsmanship to withstand the heavy demands of the catering environment. 

Rossetti is not just about chafing dishes. Rossetti also provides products for other catering services: dispensers for cereals and juices; urns for coffee and soups; cutlery; and even kitchen tools, utensils, and cookware to aid with the food preparation.

Take advantage of using a ROSSETTI product now and enjoy cherishing special moments at the dining table without worrying about the food.  

For inquiries about Rossetti products, call Kitchen Beauty Marketing Corporation at 242 1731 to 35 or visit Unit 1203, State Centre Building, Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila. Rossetti is also available at all leading department stores nationwide.

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