Misa De Gallo Diaries 2015: Day One - Holy Cross Chapel

I had a hiatus on this the Misa De Gallo Diaries that became a tradition here for Manual To Lyf because of my work during the graveyard hours. And now that I am back to freelance writing, it would be fit to come back again for this series again. And for this year, I would not promise much, but I would like to talk about what happens on the masses I had during the 9 days before Christmas.

The first day was challenging since it was a day of a lot of events and also it was when typhoon Nona came to the country and caused disastrous traffic. I came home at 2am tired, thirsty and soaked in rain water. I could have just collapsed in my bed after changing to get rest immediately, but I came into thinking that today was the first day of Simbang Gabi. It took a few minutes to decide if I would go or not, but eventually I wanted to continue this tradition that have shaped me as a person I am today, and most of all to be a thanksgiving for the bountiful year.

I decided to go to the nearest chapel in the vicinity which is Holy Cross Chapel, which was along the road, small, yet the feeling was solemn. It seems that I did not come from a very long and exhausting day under the storm. And with that I am very glad. I have not yet decided on the theme for this year but I would keep a priority to feel the experience and listen to the gospels first so I would fully understand them.

It is the first day and I believe that I can complete the 9 days again.

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